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  • Losing things and finding them in ridiculous places..
  • I got my sorry self out for a very quick spin today, went to sort out my rear brakes after getting the bike out and promptly dropped a brake pad. I then spent the best part of an hour looking for it to no avail.

    Just before I decided to give up and stuff the bike in the car I thought I’d just take one final look and found the offending pad over two and a half meters away from where I dropped it, under the car near a front tyre.

    How is this possible? How does an Avid pad fall and then jump over 2 metres sideways?


    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Pivot bolt dropped out of my frame on the mega route near alpe dhuez, over an hour spent by our group looking for it in blazing heat in full armour. Walked a km or so back UP the trail, to find it nestled between my chainset and bb….

    Lost my Oakleys, waited six months then gave up and bought another pair. The very same day, the original pair turned up in the pocket of my old dressing gown (!).


    When I first started wearing contacts I lost one. Had the office girls on their knees (ahem) looking for it for ages. A couple of hours later, I found it scrunched up in the corner of my eye. 🙂

    Premier Icon unknown

    I once lost my wallet on a night out. Looked everywhere for it the next day and eventually gave up and cancelled my cards. Then I borrowed some cash off a flatmate and put on my jacket (an entirely different jacket from the one I was wearing the night before). In doing so I found the missing wallet nestling in the sleeve. I’ve never before or since found anything in the sleeve of a jacket, let alone one I hadn’t even been wearing!


    when i was doing my apprenticeship, me and the semi skilled operative, decided as we walked past a craftsmans bench we would pick up a tool and move it to the other side of the bench or onto one of the layout tables.

    Went on for a week,till we got found out by the foreman, who wasnt happy.


    Yep I have a black hole in my house where things get swallowed, only to turn up when looking for something entirely different a week later

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    I do something similar in that I lose an item, remember I left it upstairs, go upstairs, then forget what it is I went up there for.


    I remember dropping a marble when I was young in the garage. Me and a friend searched everywhere for it and couldn’t find it. We then resorted to the fail safe method of dropping another to watch where it went and sure enough it landed right next to the first one we dropped! Used that technique a few times since with success, most recently with a tyre lever that pinged off the spoke.


    Years ago I lost a G-Shock watch with an Animal Velcro strap, found it 6 months later when we were moving house, stuck halfway up the back of a curtain. Still can’t work out how it got there.


    I am currently searching for my kitchen knife

    It’s not exactly small but I still can’t find it!

    Premier Icon Smudger666

    Heh, I still chuckle to myself at this one….

    We were headed off on holiday with the kids, still toddlers. After the obligatory toilet break at a motorway service station, I couldn’t find my wallet once we’d got the kids back in the car seats. Spent ages looking all over, eventually called the bank to cancel the cards etc, and went on holiday with no budget – all the cash was in the wallet of course. Had a great time improvising stuff with no money to spend, wife still reckons it was one of the best holidays ever.

    Fast forward 6 months, oldest is too big for a car seat so it’s time to take it out, yup, there’s the wallet full of cash fallen between the car seat and the car seat. £600 windfall!

    Premier Icon mintimperial

    I dropped my front-door key outside my house last Sunday afternoon. I found it where it fell, on the pavement right in front of a fairly busy bus stop, two hours later when my mate dropped me off in the same place he picked me up. 😯


    I had an uncomfortable day at work. Got home to find I had been wearing my mobile phone cover inside my pants.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    I got a saddle sore last weekend from my winter bib tights. No matter how I ‘adjusted’ I couldn’t get the pad to sit right. When I got home and derobed, I found the reason; an errant sock missing for several weeks had climbed in during the last wash.

    Premier Icon ampthill

    Years ago I went round to my parents to grab a magazine from my old bedroom.

    Luckily I went straight to my room and straight to the book case. Picked up magazine but no van key in site…..

    As I was going no where without it so I searched a 1m square of the room for 4 hours. Eventually I emptied 4 crates of old uni notes etc. The key was at the bottom of a crate of papers that had 3 crates of papers on top of it.


    my son (2 yrs old at the time) was playing with my keys (house, car, garage) in the garden. subsiquently lost the keys resulting in replacing all the locks in the house and garage and spending a large amount on the car key. 3 months later they turned up behind the radiator in the front room of the house, 15 meters from where minivader was playing with them


    I got a saddle sore last weekend from my winter bib tights. No matter how I ‘adjusted’ I couldn’t get the pad to sit right. When I got home and derobed, I found the reason; an errant sock missing for several weeks had climbed in during the last wash.

    Socks down the bib tights ? Some ladies out riding that you were trying to impress ? 😉

    I’m glad I’m not the only one then!

    So.. Explanations as to how a brake pad travels so far? I thought I heard a rubbery sound so I guess it could have pinged off my tyre but 2.5m seems an incredible distance for it to fly. And what made me look under my front offside tyre eh?

    Strange forces at work..

    Premier Icon alexpalacefan

    Saw a guy I was riding with break a chain trying to climb out of a stream in the black mountains.

    After no more than 2 min searching, he managed to find the pin, which had pinged right out of the chain and into the water!


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