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  • Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    i’ve done 41 miles more than this time last year (yes a bit sad with the mileage counting http://www.a-pic-a-ride.blogspot.com/ ) so the love continues to thrive become an obsession

    I fell out of love with Mountain Biking last spring.
    I am now a member of a Road club and as a treat to myself I bought an expensive plastic bike. All my riding plans for this year involve being on the road with maybe the odd off road excursion thrown in.
    Now just need to save up for one of these.

    Edit; Fitted with Campag Super Secord though. Dura Ace is just wrong!!

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    i’m struggling for motivation to do anything at the moment, it’s just a seasonal/darkness thing, but it’s not helped by all the mud. a 3 hour ride at the weekend has left me with a weeks worth of post-work cleaning/fettling/drying.

    so, until the daylight comes back, i’ll be a grumpy old bear who can’t be bothered to ride much.

    but i’m ok with it.


    It’s all bikes, it’s all just pedalling ) so just don’t stop pedalling.

    if you ride it’s good, road or MTB or something in between, it doesn’t matter. I just think that riding is too good to limit yourself to a ‘discipline’.

    i’ve had phases of not riding an MTB much for 2 years or so, then hardly ridden a road bike in the last 6 months. But i’ve always loved bikes.

    Change is good for you. load that bike up and go bivvi-ing – watch the sun rise alone, somewhere remote – it’s potentially a life-changing thing. Mountain biking isn’t just about hitting lines and head angle debates and rebound settings )


    Its no big deal.

    I love surfing and just as much as Mtbing and sometimes its take precedence.

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Have gradually been transferring MTB love t0 road love for the last few years. Tried my hand at road racing last year (without any success – not fit enough, got ill, changed jobs).

    Going to do more CX this year,. Across the summer on the SS CX I’ve just thrown together, then race on a geared crosser.

    I’m dealing with some depression right now, and riding bikes has been really helping. But the best rides ar ethe ones without expectations.


    Surprised I havent lost it. Take yesterday, four hours in the cold wet and dark. Killed a chainring and pads, fell into a drainage ditch and got soaked. My mate bust his ribs and my gloves iced over on the way home.
    It tries to ditch me but it cant.

    Premier Icon DaRC_L

    Was losing the love towards the back end of last year
    – December with snow and ice just couldn’t be bothered.

    Got a load of new cold weather stuff (roubaix longs etc…) for xmas and finished the re-build of my hardtail with a 3 speed SA hub and am looking forward to it again.


    Lost the little bit of fitness I did have due to laziness, minor injury & broken bike bits last year

    Went for a quick blast in the snow and enjoyed it, but no inclination at all to get back out on the bike at the moment. 🙁

Viewing 9 posts - 41 through 49 (of 49 total)

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