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  • Local bike shop – shock.
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    Today, I made what turned out to be a pleasant telephone call to Sweden, & cut through a swathe of CC’d email tickle tackle, going back several days whilst I have been on holiday, therein solving the chaps problem with a good old fashioned person to person conversation.


    I too have used the phone to sort out quite a few things today. So much easier than emailing!

    Unfortunately I want to go out for a ride in this amazing weather but I am just fixing the car and my 29er has a flat tyre and the C456 needs the new bars and stem fitting correctly. So I have to get all the car tools out, jack it up to do the rear drum and remove the bumper to do the electrics, finding the electrical diagrams online as I don’t have autodata and then when that is done get all my bike stuff out to do the bike. And I have proper work to do.

    Sometimes I wish I didn’t insist on doing stuff myself! When I am more set up I look forward to having the cars worked on by others and a couple of bikes so I can just drop one off for a service.

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    I have both good and bad experience with my LBS (same shop).

    I bought my RS Reverb from them for quite a lot more than online price because I know remote seatpost tend to go wrong. It did go wrong after a few months. Took it in and they fixed it for me FOC no questions asked. Guys in the workshop are nice and definitely know their stuff. They even taught me how to modify my RS forks from remote to lever lockout using a spare damper he had in the workshop.

    Absolutely shocking:
    I bought a headset from them as they offered free fitting. Paid for, fitted no problem. Next time, I went into them to finish off a set of wheels that I started building for twice the price of the other not so local bike shop as I liked them and know they will do a good job.

    When I went to pay for the work, noticed there was an extra £5 on the bill they sneaked on. Turns out they charged £5 too little when they sold me the headset and refused to let me go until I pay them the £5. If they’ve told me about it instead of sneaking it on the bill, I would be more than happy to pay it. I gave in in the end as it was only a fiver.

    Still use them today though but I will be reluctant to buy my next bike from them if there’s a better deal elsewhere.

    Premier Icon shortcut

    I thought you might all like to know that today I went to a local bike shop.

    I returned a Lezyne pump that didn’t work – and was given one that did.

    I had a very pleasant chat.

    Stuff that I asked for had been done.

    I came out happy, not ripped off and not the least bit dissatisfied.

    Just thought i would share!

    Name and shame – yes – MountainTrax is Barkham were great!



    (refused to let me go until I pay them the £5.)moustache perhaps 😐

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