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  • Liverpool – Leeds Canal, whats it like?
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    Doesn’t go through it but passes pretty close at The Saracens Head (nice little country pub at Scarisbrick)

    From memory, there’s a marina near there too


    Project that’s impressive considering it doesn’t go through ormskirk

    Sorry ment Maghull


    I did a Liverpool Leeds charity ride last weekend. Saw no mud, the grassy bits (15 miles round Silsden) were damp and so increased resistance. Bell is essential – there are 235 bridges on the route which you can’t see round.
    Watch out for the side canals, we missed a junction and had to retrace when we came to a dead end. Foulridge tunnel is the only deviation and is well signposted


    muddy – got some part worn (in a 3 Peaks stylee) landcruisers that you can borrow. I’m in Darwen.

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    davethebadger – Member

    I did Maghull to apply bridge today. Its all ok no problems at all

    Same here I rode from before Maghull to Wigan then up to Chorley Wednesday and back again yesterday this week, it was very dry but it has many shallow rutted sections along this route, plus the weekend will see many fishing competitions going on all the way to Leeds.

    I wish your newbies all the best and pack some Sudocrem


    My Tricross with 32mm Landcruisers would be the ideal bike for this… fast enough and dead comfy.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Right Si, will see you at Reedley Marina tomorrow morning.
    Send us a text or email with your mobile number and we’ll see you between 10 and 11 hopefully.

    If there’s anything you need, text me and we’ll bring it along.

    Good luck!


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    Well, we did it.
    LOTS of punctures including a complete tyre disintigration resulting in a delivery of an emergency replacement.
    Tougher than i thought it would be, especially as we were all on various forms of rigid commuter/hybrid types. The fields from foulridge to the far side of Skipton really took it out of us and the lad who’s organised it had a sense of humour failure along that stretch, bike thrown into the bushes etc!
    Moved very slowly at some points as the newbies s started to flag, came in at 11:36pm after rolling for 19.5hrs.
    Very proud of them all, especially the organiser who only bought a bike in Feb after not riding since childhood.

    Many thanks to Rusty Spanner and his lovely wife for meeting us before foulridge and providing us with cake and encouragement.
    We have some very sore people here now. I don’t feel that bad although my wrists and neck are stiff.


    Good effort! Let’s hope the return leg’s a bit easier 😀

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    Well done…not an easy thing to do and can be especially demoralising as you cycle round in circles near Skipton

    That was my worst point too!

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    Well done. I thought punctures might prove a problem,the other year I had to show someone to the bike shop in Ormskirk as He’d ran out of patches,would’nt mind but he only set of from Liverpool!
    If I ever do it I’ll run tubeless & slime..

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Well done lads.
    It was a pleasure riding with you for a very short while.

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