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  • litter dropping while racing
  • fasthaggis

    I have to agree with TJ 🙂

    Everything is Thatchers fault.

    I would never ,ever intentionally litter.
    It was drummed in to me as a child ,find a bin or put it in your pocket until you (find a bin or) get home.
    This has stayed with me and I have brought our kids up the same.
    ( and yes I am one of those mad people that chases bit’s of paper all over a car park
    It’s no hardship during a race to put the empty gel or Bar wrapper back in a pocket.
    Same goes for any people that do outdoor sports.
    Who do they really think is going to pick their stuff up from the woods ,ski slopes,crags,mountains, .


    Just put it in a pocket.

    float – Member
    so, out of all the people saying just put it in a pocket, how many of you have entered a race?

    me. your point? oh, that’s right. there isn’t one. -10 internets to you.

    it’s inexcusable and I like the banned if caught idea.

    in a race less than 2 hours you won’t even have exhausted your glycogen stores and needing a gel FFS

    Still, at Mayhem I usually end up with a years supply of inner tubes from Kenda picking up other peoples litter.


    I’m afraid the “I’m too important to bother about litter when racing” attitude seems to be the one that’

    Good to have the input of an experienced racer 😛


    i just thought a lot of the people saying how wrong it is to drop racing litter wouldnt have actually been in
    the situation to say whether it was wrong, this being stw and all

    Well.. Having raced semi-pro i feel I’m in a position to answer your question & I think your talking a load of old tosh if you think just cos your in a race you can behave like a scroat.

    I never littered during a race, in fact my employer would have ripped a strip off me & in all likelihood i would have lost my place on the team if I had done so..


    We don’t get any sponsorship from a energy drinks company despite our best efforts. They must not like our DQ policy. (We haven’t approached one due to our position on abusive conduct 😉 )

    We have not had to DQ a rider yet for littering, the very clear race brief coupled with a opportunity to pick it up has dealt with known instances. Do we worry about a rider bad mouthing our series over a littering DQ? Not really, having to do a litter pick on a 5km course is a far worse position to be in.

    We have DQ’ed someone for abusive conduct on the course he threatened us with “spreading the word” we asked him to do so as we want people to know that that type of conduct was not tolerated in our series. A bit of humble pie would have seen him welcomed back (we all can make mistakes).

Viewing 5 posts - 81 through 85 (of 85 total)

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