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  • Premier Icon thepurist

    Yep – dry you quickly, then dry out quickly. And aren't all clammy & rubbery like some of those swim towel things.

    Premier Icon johnikgriff

    Ye good, got mine about 7 years ago for a trek in Peru. Now lives in my bike bag and gets used every week. Works well, drys quick and still like new after a wash.

    Premier Icon edd

    Any good?


    Premier Icon psling

    Dab not rub (sorry if gandma / egg sucking interface situation but no-one told me and it took a while before I realised why it wasn't very good!) 🙂


    Swear by them. Saves much space in the burgen for more food 😀

    Awesome, I've been using mine daily for the last 4 years – its the one I leave at work to dry me off after a wash from my morning commute. Also taken on holiday & camping becuase it is so light, so small and drys so quick.

    Feel completely different to a 'normal' fluffy towel, but they def do the job!

    Get one thats big enough to go round your waist. The small ones might scrunch down to the size of a fag packet, but the bigger ones are more versatile and still a massive space & weight saving over normal towels.


    will have to try the dab rather than rub i think psling.

    rucksack sofatester, rucksack, try it with me? ruck…..sack

    berghan :roll:, what are you? a marine?


    awesome kit


    *fantasises about ADH with short towel round his waist*

    LOL at olly, my thoughts exactly. He's probably in the TA 😉

    Premier Icon cp

    i like mine alot – have had it for about 6 years. My GF has a HI-gear one from gooutdoors, which is a lot cheaper and she's impressed with it.


    I like the Lifeventure one, but I prefer my MSR one if I want to go really lightweight. The Lifeventure ones are more towel like though.


    wasnt impressed with the one we got … Stank like hell after only 4 weeks on the road. Required reqular washing after this despite being allowed to dry thoughrally between dryings.

    My paramo one on the other hand did not exhibit this trait.

    The lifeventure one was binned in favour of a kathmandu one which did not exhibit the mega stink factor neither !


    Great bits of kit. Trekked around India with one a few years ago, best thing in my rucksack

    Apart from the weed

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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