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  • Premier Icon chakaping

    Apparently very good.

    I’m mulling over buying one even though I already have a workstand.

    Thinking of all the times I’ve done component swaps between bikes and it would’ve been handy to have two workstands.

    Sensible idea or ridiculous decadence?


    I got the aldi one a couple of weeks ago for £30, cant fault it, dont know if its the same though, I just wanted to brag!!


    got one a couple of years ago.
    Quite good.
    Sometimes the clamps slip a bit with a heavy bike on.
    Rotate around so the front wheel touches the floor if clamping on the seatpost.
    Not a big issue and could be fixed by roughing up the tubes with a bit of sandpaper for extra friction.

    it folds up nice and small, a good thing for my crowded garage.

    chakaping – I know what you mean – especially this week for me.
    Swapping things between 4 bikes!


    I have one of these and I like it, buch more sturdy than the price suggests, spares are available too if you ever need them.


    I got one and beefed up the clamp areas with some different bolts and jubilee clips to give the rotating clamp a bit of help.
    Very good for the money and stable.

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    There’s a full review on Dirt website

    Bargain Lidl bike repair stand – £29.99!


    My stands clamp head fell off the top tube on Tuesday. Bike + bits hit the floor pretty hard.

    I could’ve had the head screwed on tighter (it is now), but it seemed tight enough. There is a hole through the top tube. I’m considering drilling the plastic clamp and putting a bolt or some cable ties in there to stop it from happening again.

    Bike is fine, but I lost the cover for the cable in the gear shifter.

    I’m happy with it for £30, but remember to check it’s all good and tight.

    Premier Icon steveoath

    Any good?

    Our local lidl has loads in. Was thinking about getting one.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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