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  • Lezyne pressure overdrive vs topeak joeblow booster
  • GolfChick

    So my hand me down joeblow is now driving me crazy leaking from its head, can barely get the road tyres upto 100psi, leaks when it gets anywhere close and I’ve never enjoyed the experience of putting it on n off the valve. Lost count of the amount of times I’ve hit my knuckles on the rotor.

    I dont struggle massively with seating any of my tubeless set ups, on the odd occasion one struggles i have a second pair of hands do the pumping while I work the tyre. Always does the trick but would always be nice to make it easier.

    Have seen the airwave too which is much cheaper but the reviews on crc comment on needing a bit of heft to get the last bit topped up and that lighter people would struggle. At 60kgs I think I’m going to be inside that base camp so for that reason I think I’ll struggle.

    Have always loathed lezyne pumps before and their ability to unscrew threaded cores but I think a lot of them have the chuck type heads now that dont need threading on?

    Premier Icon MSP

    You can buy replacement heads for joeblows.


    Yeahhh but then I’d still have skinned knuckles and wouldn’t be able to buy something shiny for myself 😆 🙄

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    Bontrager Flash Charger is another option.. bit cheaper here too..

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Got the digital Lezyne one. Works as good as any others we have used. Got it very cheap from eBay. Only me bidding on it. Still use the compressor for popping tyres on. Its main use will be when we are in the camper and don’t have a hook up.

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