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  • Pugz

    Hi Guys thinking of getting into kite surfing anyone got any old gear (working) that you might want to sell or recommend any website i could have a look at?

    Thanks for now


    Take a look at somewhere like the Flexifoil Forum or Racekites for info on what kind of gear to be looking for. Both sites also have a Classifieds section. Racekites has a good review section where fliers review their kit, can provide for a good knowledgebase.

    Maybe look at getting yourself a 4 line powerkite and honing your kiting skills before taking a kitesurfing course. If you can master the basics of kite flying then it makes learning to kitesurf somewhat easier (apparently).

    You should be able to get a good starter kite such as a Radsail, Peter Lynn (Pepper, Hornet) or a Flexifoil (Rage, Buzz) for under £100. Look for something between 2 and 4 metre.

    Yep, start with something small and learn on the ground. Learn to feel the wind, learn where it pulls and learn to fly without looking at the kite.

    Then, and only then, take lessons on how to fly a kite with a board.

    Oh, and take out another mortgage. You may think bikes are expensive, get ready for a shock!


    alright bud, ive been kitesurfing for about 3 years. The advice so far to buy a foil and play around is great, this will give a you a good feeling of how the kite flies and where it works in relation to the wind window. Once you are happy then book a 2 or 3 day course with an IKO certified instructor.

    Ive just seen that you are from galloway. Thats a bit of a trek to the coast.

    mate check out the flexifoil forum, every conceivable question you could possibly have has been asked on there. also check out uk tho its not as busy as flexi.

    oh and the effort is well and truly worth it. I had 3 hours out on the water at StAndrews today in 20 knot onshore winds. An absolute peach of a day.

    Cracking sport.

    Ref cost. the initial outlay can be a bit daunting.12m and 9m Bow kites plus board, harness and wetty can set u back about a grand if you are sensible and buy 2nd hand but your instructor should give u all the advice you should need.

    My email is if you have anything u want to ask drop me a line and ill send you my mob no.

    Premier Icon trout

    Once you have mastered the kite and the board .
    then you will want to go night Kite surfing.

    I have just sent last week a light specially dunkproofed to a guy in NZ
    who wants to use it for solo night kite surfing off the coast of Brazil .

    Crazy burger


    We did a 3hr intro to kitesurfing while in Belize (Caye Caulker) last year. My recommendation is (if you haven’t started yet) when you do your intro/beginners course, go somewhere with warmish water cos you’ll (probably) spend a lot of time standing in the water practicing your 8’s or doing body drags. We’re going to the Red Sea in October for a week’s tuition which will hopefully get us up to the level of actually standing on the board.

    Premier Icon Mal-ec

    All good advice. Plus stay well out of the way of other water users until you know what you are doing + understand wave riding etiquette / how individual breaks + line ups work.
    We get allot of kite surfers at Newgale, most are cool + stay away from the surfers but the odd one needs “educating”.

    go somewhere with warmish water

    jeez-louise, you guys are so woosey sometimes.

    ok so the middle of feb may be a little fresh (although the local surf schools run year round these days), but from now til very late oct the water in the uk, west especially, is easily warm enough.

    think, all that cash you will spend flying somewhere would easily buy a decent kite set up – not too mention you’ll miss a whole summers action!


    Get a smaller foil kite, learn to fly it until you can do it eyes closed.

    Then get lessons from an approved instructor, or failing that the most risk averse kite surfer at your local beach if they are willing. There will be someone localish.

    For more info try or


    my bird went up in the air and landed, spending year learning things again, little things like how to walk, make tea thankfully she is about 98% normal*

    Take lessons and wear a lid. Great fun though….

    *for a bird

    Premier Icon NZCol

    I saw a not particularly happy kite surfer in golden bay trying to extract himself from his gear as he went across the main road and into the residential area ….. it was about then i decided to learn properly !

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