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  • Premier Icon senor j

    Going to kielder
    – any recommendations as far as which trails to do and which order.
    Full day out job.


    Muddy Rose

    I rode the Lonesome Pine trail a couple of weeks ago and it was really enjoyable – interesting trying to find the start of the trail mind but it was quite nice once it was found! Hopefully some of the ice will have gone for you as that made it a little bit more interesting ๐Ÿ™‚
    Beautiful views from the north shore at the top too! ๐Ÿ™‚ I've not ridden the other ones though so couldn't comment but i've been told that the Deadwater trail is a more technical red route.
    Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚


    I did some of the deadwater last time I was there – lots of tight switch-back climbs through forests, some technical stuff and some nice flowing bits too but to get to the top invoves a very long climb on fire-roads which wasn't that enjoyable TBH.
    Ran out of time before starting the final loop around deadwater, so we blasted back down the fire-road. Probably missed the best bits ?!

    The climb in question is quite exposed so I guess it's hard going in any significant wind ?

    Great location though. You can definitely kill a full day there.

    If you do the deadwater trail, look out for the black-graded bits that branch off – some of that stuff is insane !


    that climb up the top of dead water, i raced there once and there was a 90mph cross wind at the radio mast!


    I did the Avalanche Enduro thing up there last year. Some of it's really good – it's pretty rough for a trail centre and has some reasonable size rocky bits and drops. The black section which I think is on the Deadwater trail is great fun (apart from the narrow boardwalk over the bog which I am rubbish at). The descent after that is superb though.

    That fire road climb made me quite suicidal – the descent from there is weird too, kind of like a fireroad with a few little jumps in it. The bit of singletrack just after that is good though, not sure if I'd bother going all the way to the top unless it was a really nice clear day.


    I wouldnt' bother with the descent from the Mast either. Start from the beginning of the singletrack just below the Mast descent. Good slightly 'unmade' feeling trail. ie: not too groomed and armoured. I like it. Not done the newer lonesome pine trails.

    Did it in February – I liked it. The climb to the radio mast was a bit harder because of snow but we got great views from the top – it was a lovely still day. The descent was cool in the snow too. For a red route I thought the trails were a little harder than an a typical red route. Did the lonesome pine trail too which was a little boring and a bit of a drag.


    Lonesome pine is a bit rubbish IMO, no decent descent, no berms to carry speed so it was getting badly cut up with braking bumps. That was last year though they may have improved it since then I don't know. I never really bother going to Kielder even though it's only about 40 miles from my house. The drive there is awkward and I can be at glentress just as quick. Deadwater is ok the top radio bit is a waste of time though.

    Muddy Rose

    Haha seems my take on the Lonesome Pine is slightly different to everyone elses – I took my bro riding on this trail on his 2nd time on a mtb so maybe my view was tainted! Come to think of it, it was quite badly cut up, with a fair bit of climbing, but i think my view of the trail has been masked because i was introducing someone to mtbing so i was thinking more about the fun day we had instead of the trail… haha ๐Ÿ™‚

    Top Dog

    Deadwater trail is very sandy, you can almoset hear your bearings been ground to a silvery paste as you ride ๐Ÿ™

    Premier Icon Mad Pierre

    Done the Avalanche enduro there twice and ridden the normal red in 'orrible conditions.

    For the best ride I'd do two laps – one taking the red options and one taking the black. Don't bother with the loop up to the mast unless it is completely sunny with no wind and you like fireroads!


    I like the rough descent from the top of Black water fell. You can get some proper speed and flow. Some of the rest is a bit stop and start.

    Premier Icon senor j

    thanks for the advice.

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