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  • Kids riding in the alps – which resort?
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    Looking to go to the alps in the Summer with the whole family. Kids are ages 9 & 10. They are competent riding (eg Cwmcarn XC and Whytes level at Afan).

    Looking to go to the alps for everybody to enjoy themselves, big gap jumps aren't going to be done (by any of us!). So guess I am looking for somewhere where there is plenty of (lift assisted) singletrack stuff.

    Anybody done something similar and got any recomendations?

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    We have taken our girls every year to Verbier since 2004 they are now 14 and 11. They have also been to Morzine. Each year we give them the choice of where they want to go and each year the want to go back to Bike Verbier.

    Link to pics showing every year

    We drive across with the bikes on the back of the car.

    Where ever you go you will have a great time.


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    We could sort you out pretty well. Nice, flowing singletrack, all-inclusive service, properly qualified guides. If there's 4 of you, we could probably give you a dedicated guide for the week. Running some "Alpine First-timers" weeks this summer which might suit.

    The White Room Mountain Bike Holidays

    Drop me an email for more info.

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    i tried "les 2 alpes" in france, that was good for the kids to enjoy their bike and the high mountain with breathtaking views.
    the tracks were various and we managed to ride the blue, green and red tracks with them.
    here was the training 1 year ago
    Metabief is good as well as the station is based on a family holidays.
    the track are fluid and the KIDS can move on to the next level without doing too crazy things.
    hope that help

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    Thanks for everybody's information. I have been to Verbier with Bike verbier but we only did one or two trails that I would like to take the kids on (at least at the start). That is not to say there aren't suitable ones around.


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