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  • Swelper

    Tragic news, had my garage broken into last night, Chester-Le-Street, Co Durham, and the thieving scrotes have stolen two bikes.

    May their testicles grow square and go septic in the corners I say……

    Santa Cruz Superlight (Medium Frame Size) Serial No 04ZDA00325

    The bike has just undergone a complete rebuild, with new bearings etc etc

    Colour Chocolate Brown
    Decals Silver
    Forks (Red) Marzocci Bombers MX Pro SL Serial No 4251 838
    Brakes Hope Mini with Gold inserts
    Hydraulic hose guides and inserts Gold
    Rear Shock RP23
    Chainset XT Holotech
    Shifters SRAM X9 6 months old
    Black Hope Threadless Headset 6 months old
    Seat Post EA50 6 months old
    Seat Titec 6 months old
    Tyres Continental Gravity’s 6 months old
    Wheels Mavic 321 Rims, SS Spokes, Black Hope XC Hubs (Front and Back)

    Trek Black 4300, stock bike, see linky


    If you are offered or have had sight of any of these please drop me a line



    Just copied & pasted to a mate who’s a cop in Stanley. Asked him to keep a look out.


    Shitter. What will you do differently to stop it happening again, extra locks on the doors, ground anchor?


    esselgruntfuttock Cheers mate

    djglover thinking steel frame and 240 volts


    Will keep eyes peeled in Middlesbrough.

    According to the Gazette someone had a Scott Scale 15 also stolen in the last 24hrs in the Teesside area.


    Near Houghton-Le-Spring – will keep eyes peeled. If it gives you any hope, we had two bikes nicked last year, and early this Spring, I saw the wife’s bike being pedalled through Herrington Country Park.

    The rider was a speccy chap in a suit, smiling blisfully at the world. Given that the insurance had paid out and the bike had been replaced, I couldn’t find it within me to push him into the duckpond and retrieve the bike.

    Always worth a few hours driving around the local area – if it’s been nicked by scrotes, they’ll likely ride it around for a bit of a show off before selling (see Jedi’s bike recovery thread).


    Added to the front page of MTB North East – hope they turn up.


    Cheers Guys, much appreciated for help.


    evh22, good call never thought of looking on Gumtree.

    Afraid that little beauty ain’t my baby

    Premier Icon Riksbar

    Swelper, mine turned up on Gumtree, make sure you look nationally.

    Premier Icon PMK2060

    Sorry to hear about the bike theft swelper.

    I had both my bikes stolen last Tuesday night from the Barnsley area.

    I drove round the usually scum hangouts and managed to get one of the bikes back on Friday. I called the police but the w**ker claimed he had bought it from the pub so i am still looking for the second bike.

    Have a drive round the rough estates where you live and you have a good chance of spotting your bikes.

    Premier Icon Woody

    Bad luck m8.

    I spend large parts of my day around the scrote areas of C-L-S, Stanley and surrounds. I’ll keep my eyes peeled.


    Back in manchester i had some thieving scrotes take aroof of a shed to get pass the locks and bars.


    I’ll keep an eye out mate. I’ll be up that way for a few weeks parents live in Chester. The scrotes probably popped down from Segga, or mebbes Pelton Fell. Hope you get them back!


    Guys, your help is testement to the biking community. Personal thanks to each and every one of you.

    The Santa Cruz will be quite destinctive what with the Chocolate Brown Colour and Red Forks, Trek is black…..along with a million other bikes.

    Shameless plug time, if any of you fancy a jolly ride out try Beamish Oddsox



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