just come back from the best gig i've ever been to.

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  • just come back from the best gig i've ever been to.
  • racefaceec90

    just got back about an hour ago after seeing roger waters perform the wall at wembley stadium 😀

    it was (bleep)ing awesome.

    i never thought i would ever see pink floyd live,but i feel most lucky to have seen roger perform my favourite pink floyd album.

    although i am not into football at all,the stadium was very impressive (if out in the middle of an industrial estate out in the middle of nowhere/that was a shock)first time i have ever been to a stadium too.

    the gig itself was fantastic.awesome pyrotechnics,inflatable pig/teacher/mother e.t.c but the wall itself was gobsmackingly awesome.by the time it was built up it must have stretched over 30ft high and over 100ft wide 😯 (it almost went from one end of the stadium to the other,width wise).there was all manner of high definition images being projected on it.even one brick at a time/different images on each one.i have no idea how they achieved it at all,but it was an incredible sight to watch.

    as for the music,well as it was roger playing his album it was just a bit good 😉

    all in all i’m still buzzing from it tbh 😀

    and a BIG thank you to my friend mark who kindly invited me to see it (* he paid for everything) you are a true gent mate 😉

    * i didn’t have any funds as i only got notice of the gig when he called me up on tuesday about it,and was/am unfortunately short of funds 😳 i do plan on buying him a crimbo present as thanks (also gave him my slash autobiography as he hasn’t read it yet).

    Premier Icon seadog101

    Sounds like it goes somewhere at the top of your brilliant scale?

    I was lucky enough to them do Wembley Stadium a looooong time ago, maybe 1988? Could be wrong. Fantastic gig that was too.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    I turned down a chance to see it first time around, always regretted that. Make sure you repay the favour many times our, it doesn’t have to be financial just make sure you’re always first in line to help your mate out – his gift is far more than monetary as he provided the opportunity to experience something rare and special and there may never be another chance


    Funny ain’t it. Been to wembley old and new a few times for gigs but the best gig I ever went to still has to be a grimy Sheffield academy up the front to see a stadium band. Love the big gigs/festivals but you can’t beat the intimacy of a little venue IMHO.
    Chuffed you had a blast tho!


    Went to race of champions at wembley a few years ago. To hear an f1 car having its tits revved off sounded amazing. Everyone fell silent and the noise just bounced around the stadium. Made the hairs stand up.


    I’m going to this in Manchester on Monday, sound like I’m in for a treat.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    My friends went and they were similarly ecstatic.


    I totally agree, the best ever show, Comfortably Numb was amazing, 5X.

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