Jodrell Bank. Any MTB within 60 miles?

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  • Jodrell Bank. Any MTB within 60 miles?
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    Very handy for the white peak – Macclesfield forest, Three Shire Heads, Hollinsclough and the Roaches…

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    Llandegla, Cannock Chase, or Macclesfield?

    Premier Icon goldengus

    Hanchurch Woods


    Look on google maps, it will show a big green area commonly referred to as the Peak District

    Premier Icon tthew

    Delamere, and 60 miles probably includes Calderdale and the surrounding area as well as all those other great options mentioned above.

    World’s your lobster really.

    Going down to see Sigur Ros on Friday. Will be staying till Monday. Any good MTB nearby?


    Macclesfield forest, Hayfield is pretty close, loads of riding!

    cheers. will definitely be taking the bikes. 🙂


    Macc forest! You can see the big dish from the top before you dip down charity lane.


    Hayfield, Roman Lakes, Marple, Macc Forest, Llandegla, Cannock, Hope, Castleton, Edale and loads of others in The Peak, Gisburn depending on your Accomodation location and Rivvington are all worth the trip out.


    Sixty miles will cover a large chunk of the North, North Midlands and North East Wales. Should find some ok-ish riding there!

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    Any MTB within 60 miles?

    Yes. Lots. Bear in mind that a 120 mile round trip to ride a bike is a probably going to be 3 hours sat in a car. Set your sights a bit closer and enjoy more riding. There’s some cracking Peak District riding 30 miles away in Hayfield (Kinder), Hope Valley and even the Derwent Valley. There’s some tremendous riding near Macc Forest, which is even nearer.

    cheers all. I’ll do a 30 mile radius from base camp. 🙂

    Premier Icon Esme

    I have a lovely little route that goes right past the entrance to Jodrell Bank. 14 miles, 350ft of climbing, approx 75% off-road. Very nice evening blast. Email in profile for details.

    If my MTB ride (and a 14 mile one at that) contained only 350ft of climbing/descending and 25% road, I’d be very disappointed 🙁

    You don’t have to go anything like 30 miles, let alone 60 to get 3500 ft of climbing in a 14 mile ride and quite possibly 0% road – 10% max

    Premier Icon Esme

    Errrm, it rather depends on whether you want to drive to the hills, or ride locally, doesn’t it?
    Jodrell Bank is in the middle of the Cheshire Plain, which means it’s flat 🙄


    OP im riding my usual route round Delamere this Saturday your more than welcome to come along if you intrested 🙂

    I think I need to confirm my basecamp location. 🙂

    Next to Tarporley (?) But happy to drive. I didn’t book it…

    Did you not fancy staying a bit further away from Jodrell Bank? Next time get whoever booked to look for a gaff in North Wales 😉

    😀 I can’t really comment. ..

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