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  • druidh

    Do a wee search – there was a thread on this only last week.

    Premier Icon AndrewL

    I rode it from N to S as part of a C2C ride about 18 months ago, very rideable until the lodge, then loads of “narrow path, drainage ditch” type bits, then gets quite vague until the summit.

    Top of downhill was good, very rocky, fair few unrideable bits, though that could have been the combo of weariness from riding from Blair Atholl that day and the hardtail already having a few too many snakebites….

    Then much more laid back once you get towards the plantations.

    Glen Clova hotel has a good bunkhouse and does a super breakfast!

    Lovely day out, will be a bit of push / carry.

    Premier Icon swavis

    Sounds good, after searching other thread 😳


    Premier Icon kennyp

    I’ve done it going from Braemar to Glen Clova. There’s fun singletrack alongside Loch Callater (opposite side from the main track). Be prepared for a serious carry/push over the high bits though. A lot of the downhill into Glen Clova was too technical for me, especially the higher bits, but would be good fun if you’ve got a bit of skill and aren’t a big wuss. Overall though I wouldn’t hugely recommend it unless it’s part of a multi-day route (it was for us).

    Premier Icon swavis

    I was wondering if this was do-able on the bike, either from Glen Callater to Glen Doll or vice versa?
    I remember walking part of it from the Glen Doll side as a kid with the old man and can’t remember it being too bad. Was a wee while ago though.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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