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    My neighbour gets the evil devils in the skylights of his kitchen. A good spray of cockroach killer and you can revel in watching them falter and spiral to the ground and impending doom. Horseflies, that is to say. Not jackdaws. Which are ace.


    So I’m tanking along home at a fair rate, returning from a ride. Just as I head through the last bit of woodland, Son of Satan, AKA the Horsefly, decides he wants a piece of me. As most of you know riding faster and swatting them away has no affect. So at this point I’m thinking about stopping and having it out with the little ******.

    At this point a Jackdaw swooped in about 6 inches from my shoulder and takes out the horsefly, lands about 10ft in front and swallows him down.

    Jackdaws are ace. FACT.


    Jackdaws are beautiful, lovely and endearing little crows with a lovely slatey grey colour. Finding out that they whack horseflies simply makes them even better in my eyes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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