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  • iXS MacAvalanche – anybody on here doing it?
  • xiphon

    Bring it on 😀

    Think I might have the oldest frame on the mountain…. Patriot 2000…


    I had an entry but am injured, anyone want to take it off my hands? Offers taken?

    Premier Icon thv3

    Aye, me and another guy off here are doing it.

    Looks like it’ll be wetter than last year, but hopefully just as good. Looking forward too it.

    Did it last year and it was a corker – exactly as much fun as you might imagine. Not this year as I’ve got tons of work unfortunately…

    Anyone repping the hardtails in my absence?


    Holy cow, what a weekend!

    Saw one person on a hardtail, and someone else on a 29er rigid singlespeed…. with v-brakes.


    This guy? Ace from Hardtailnation. Fair play to him!


    I met him unpacking the bikes on Saturday morning. Nice chap 🙂


    waves at xiphon 🙂

    A scouting mission, the plan was to have Charlie Bikemonger on his moonlander as well, but dates clashed with SSEC, so i had to slay the mountain on my own.
    Immense fun, and hard work on any bike, might be some fat bikes next time….
    Damage is 4 brake pads, 2 have metal backing plate showing, scored rims, burst the lower headset bearing in seeding, freewheel didn’t like the cold and packed up for seeding so had to coast/scoot it down and i broke me bell, think it’s just full of bog mud.
    Might do it again next year on the Monkey.
    As i was up there i lobbed it down the motorway section at Nevis range as well, brakes got a bit hot doing that 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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