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    dont quite get what you’re after, but if you’re able to send the data to me I might be able to see it.

    I’ve got a little simulation spreadsheet thing, to show how a number of variables can interact with each other and ultimately affect two results. In the middle of all the equations is a step that splits a total into 3 percentages.

    What I’m after is a way to graphically represent these %ages just to give a visual pointer as to what is going on. I *could* use one of those combined bar chart things, but I was hoping I could get something that looks a bit more polished.

    Amy ideas either how to achieve this in excel, or what other program I could import my excel figures into?

    Stacked histogram is probably what I would use.


    Sounds like Stacked histogram on the primary axis for the percentages and use the additional series on a secondary axis

    You could just show the markers on the secondary series and add some custom symbols say ‘arrows’

    Aye, stacked histogram is the bog-standard Excel method. I was after something a bit more… engaging.

    I’m trying to end up with a display like the following:

    The %ages I’m calculating are a water layer, an oil layer and an intermediate emulsion layer, each as a percentage of the whole (not really bothered about gas for now). I’d like to be able to output a graphic like the above that alters the levels according to the % calculated.

    Any ideas?


    Stacked area chart
    Set the background colour for gas etc

    Have a look at the contextures site lots of useful links


    Try conditional formatting of a group of cells representing the graphic. The number of cells needed would depend on the accuracy needed.

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    stacked bar chart with 0 gap would do it.

    I think for my level of IT prowess, robbo‘s sugestion is the one that will cause me least headache, as I’m failing miserably to make the stacked histogram thing do what I want – it’s displaying the three %ages as 3 separate bars… 😕

    I shall peruse the contextures site as well today, instead of doing any actual work.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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