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  • issue 67 now an eBook
  • Premier Icon Mark

    If you are a subscriber you can now read all the ‘wordy’ articles in issue 67 as an eBook. Just go to the Mag Archive and click the epub button. Best viewed using a tablet but works really quite well on an iphone too. Should be ok for Android users.

    If you have an iPad and you are a Premier Subscriber then navigate to the Mag Archive, click the epub button and it will ask you if you want to open in using iBooks. Same for iPhone.

    If you use Firefox as your browser you can instal an eBook reader plugin so you can have a read in your browser.

    There may be other plugins for other browsers.

    Kindle version should be ready early next week.

    Premier Icon Random

    The epub version is working well on my Sony Reader. A great option, thank you.

    Awesome. Brilliant in aldiko on android

    Premier Icon Mark

    Kindle version is now there too.

    This is all somewhat experimental so please give us your feedback and thoughts 🙂


    ebook on Iphone works nicely. Emailed it to myself, opened the attachment and it opened in iBooks, very good for the longer articles when on the train etc but does not take away too much from the paper version which is great for the pics.

    Thumbs up from me!

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    Mark, thanks for providing these. It works better than I expected without the (distraction of) photos. Obviously I’ve been underestimating the quality of the writing. 😕

    With regard to the Kindle version- the linked file has an extension of .txt after .mobi so needs to be renamed correctly, and the download button on the webpage only opens the file- I needed to right click and save the file. This was on a mac/safari.

    Premier Icon cp

    Works really well on my iPhone 3G in iBooks. The whole mag in this format would be fantastic!


    Are you going to make issue 68 available in epub?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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