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  • Is Llandegla worth a visit ?
  • Matt-P

    Love itfor a fun blast! Not the most technical of trails but can be a great laugh, can always add a second loop if you want some more distance. As many other people have said quite smooth but speed and jumps can add the excitement. Great for all levels of riders as you can mix and match black, red and blue bits, just get a trail map before you leave. Great cafe but getting very busy at weekends now.


    Hell Yes!!!!!and the girls are nice to look at too…..No Brainer!

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    nor at telling the truth.. .:)

    Llandegla is a good ride which always gives a grin especially in the winter when real natural trails are knee deep in sheep poo and everything becomes hike a bike.. it’s a good cert in any weather other than snow .. when the place closes… The riding is fun and safe at speed, there is no great rock fest but that’s local geology not the trail designers fault. You could take on a ride to the nearby Clwydians, one of the national mtb riding gems with details on starting in Cilcain with a few good downhills. You could also trip over to Llangollen and over to Glyn Ceriog and suffer some severe climbing but find the Lawnt for the rock ride from hell.

    Alright Robin, its Dave from ‘alifax.

    Llandegla is ok if you’re passing but I personally wouldn’t drive from here just to do it. The times I’ve ridden it is on the way there/way back from a weekend in Betws-y-Coed etc and for thats its ok. Don’t think its much more than a nice break in a journey. Oh, and the black is nothing like a black route. Nothing (literally nothing) technical about it. Its less technical than a red trail at other centres… Its fun when ridden at warp speed though but theres only 10 minutes fun riding – the rest is fire-road.

    If you fancy riding it then I think I’ve got a good route which starts in Llangollen and heads over the tops, into Llandegla for the ‘good’ stuff which is basically just the singletrack bit at the far side of the forest from the car park and then heads back.

    Dalby, IMHO, is MUCH better. In fact I’d go as far as saying Grizedale is better.


    RobinL I come from Hudds. Whereabouts do you live? 🙂
    Which School did you go to? (makes gang sign)

    Lllandegla is great if you live circa 1hr away or as a trail centre roadshow. Not if you have Dalby closer, thats a different and longer experience IMO.

    Plus you have the Peaks, Wharncliffe first. If its an itch (and agree) must be scratched- its worth doing in a camping 2/3day weekend NOT on its own.

    I live in Manchester but would prefer Hebden for a ‘local’ or the Lakes.

    Id agree with Davey Boy, its pretty dull and the black route is really easy, you could do it on a bmx. Certain parts of the black are good fun since they flow quite nicely but theres far too much of it that feels like your riding around Centre Parks forest village

    I’d also agree that Grizedale is better, at least it feels like your out in the wilds a bit and doing ‘properish’ mtbing.


    Went there yesterday for a pre work blast

    It’s very short – took me about 1¼ hours to do all the red & black, so you’d need to go round 3 times to make a day of it

    The black bits are great fun & very fast
    The long fire road climb at the start is boring
    I found myself losing interest on most of the red
    I didn’t have time to try the café but it looked nice

    All in all not a bad sneaky pre-work ride [it’s good to get paid to ride 😉 ] – if I was to go back, I’d have to look at looping back to the black bits a bit easier than following the markers back round


    The official line is that the only access to the forest that is permissive is Offa’s Dyke path, all other bits are private land so out of hours when the centre is shut you are trespassing….

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