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  • Is it worth quitting coffee?
  • noteeth

    It might well be… but I couldn’t live without it, tbh.


    I guess it depends how much you’re drinking, but I stopped drinking it in the evening, and tend to drink tea during the day instead. I do sleep a lot better than I did before. I tend to just have one cup in the morning to wake up now.


    Noooooo, the headaches are hell.


    I tried it last month for a few weeks just to see if I could go without (a life long 5-10 a day). I didn’t feel any real benefit although my lack of concentration when driving was a big problem. If I didn’t drive a 1000 miles a week I might still be off it. So if you drive a lot keep drinking. If you don’t, stop.


    Replaced my coffee intake with redbush tea. I feel better, my heart feels like it doesn’t work so hard and my mind is clearer. I didn’t get any headaches.


    Will i feel any better if i quit drinking coffee? i sometimes think it doesn’t do me any good.

    Looks like i chose a bad week to quit caffeine… (a reference from Airplane!)


    I stopped caffeine to help sort my migraines – which it has.

    The other effect is that I seem to be generally lot more calm than I was. I’m more patient and less on edge.
    The down side is that I sometimes miss the near-manic happy spells that caffeine gives me.

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    Along with nicotine and alcohol, caffeine is one of the pleasures of life.

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    juliana wrote:

    Along with nicotine and alcohol, caffeine is one of the pleasures of life.

    and self abuse

    I love coffee but I’m amazed how many cups of the stuff people can put away in a day. I would struggle not to have a cup a day but one or two is ample. I feel guilty if I have any more. Surely 5-10, as mentioned above, is excessive?

    I don’t see any need to stop altogether but cutting down if your having half a dozen cups each day is probably a good thing?

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    I have a stove top worth first thing pretty much every morning. On a typical work day I’ll usually have four more mugs of filter coffee. (Teachers have their blood removed and replaced with coffee on qualifying.)


    Try Drinking the coffee of your choice up until lunch, and decaf after.
    When I do this I sleep easier at night.

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    If you give up coffee you will need to start using a safety razor with some unusual name for blades just to be ‘STW’ enough to still use the forum. Well either that or stop riding bikes.

    I gave up caffeine totally a couple of years ago and only in the last few months have I allowed myself the occasional normal coffee. I feel better for it.

    I have to fast on Thursday and Saturday nights for medical reasons. Not having my morning coffee before the tests is starting to freak me out.


    I stopped coffee for a while and noticed I slept much better but also had a little dip in the afternoons and missed the morning buzz.
    Compromise was to just drink it AM which I have for the last few years and works well, still sleep well, being less hyper in an afternoon seems natural. I also tend to just have filter coffee rather than instant very rarely more than two.


    I am with Wilburt – I was big all day coffee drinker, stopped altogether, but missed it to much and now just have one nice big filter coffee in the morning. Just have tea from lunchtime

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    Have you considered tea?

    It’s much more civilised, cheaper, tastes better and doesn’t give you the jitters (unless you REALLY overdo it).


    I used to run an IV, now limit myself to a maximum of three per morning on a normal day.


    I’ve drank varying amounts of coffee for the last 15 years and have stopped a number of times for a few different reasons.

    I rarely drink coffee after 2pm so it doesn’t seem to disrupt my sleep.

    I honestly don’t notice any difference health wise in the periods when I’m drinking 2 or 3 cups a day v not having anything. If I have more than a few every day I can get irritable and jittery though.

    The only negative that bothers me is that it’s probably staining my teeth.


    I love coffee I like the taste and it has the desired effect but I only drink it when I need to for example a pint of it at 4pm this afternoon will have me nicely fired up for this evening’s ride

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    I don’t understand the question. 😐


    3-4 cups a day while at work, generally none after 4pm and usually no more than 2 over the course of a weekend, often none at all.

    I stopped drinking coffee for 3 weeks a couple of years ago in the run up to Relentless so that the caffeine gels I had would have more of an effect. Can’t say I felt any better or worse other than being a tad slower to get up to speed first thing in the morning.


    Less is more – good coffee at the appropriate moments is defo not worth giving up. … Coffee is wonderful ..

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    I’d give up alcohol well before I even considered giving up coffee.

    fatsimon mk2

    NO NO!! drink a vast amount of it per day, couple of cups of filter in the morning then a flask full of instant during day and then a couple of cups of filter when i get in,NEVER had any trouble sleeping or felt jittery,so to those who have issues your just a bunch of quitters 😉

    I’ve had a great experience quitting caffeine! Well, to be honest, it was pretty crappy experience, but the end result has made it worth it. About a year ago I first quit drinking caffeine by cutting back significantly for a couple days and then my first day caffeine free coincided with a Saturday so I had the weekend to nap and do what I needed to do to get through it.

    I’m one of those people whose ‘moderator’ is busted. I can’t seem to regulate much of anything– how much I’m exercising, sleeping, eating, not eating, alcohol/drugs, or drinking caffeine. As a result I’d gotten to the point where I was drinking pots of coffee a day starting from the time I got up and going until nearly bedtime. My mood would go up and down with the caffeine intake and I always hit a point in the day where I would get tremendously tired and no amount of caffeine would get me through it. After quitting I was forced to actually go to bed at a reasonable hour like Renee mentioned because I couldn’t just plan on drinking more coffee to make up for a lack of sleep. My mood is much more even now as is my energy level throughout the day. I definitely recommend giving it a try! I was really worried about quitting, but overall I can’t tell you how great it’s been for me. Now instead of constantly drinking coffee I drink water and nearly nothing else. I suggest giving it a while– like a month or longer to really get the full effects. Good luck!

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    As above, coffee is not bad for you (in fact quite good for you) just keep an eye on the caffeine. So not too much, and not too late.

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    JulianA » ‘Along with nicotine”one of the pleasures of life.’

    keep telling yourself that.


    I quit coffee about 3 weeks ago, along with booze.

    Not really noticed a massive difference to be honest, and I think my sweet tooth is probably more detrimental.

    Couldn’t give up coffee good coffee that is Providero in Llandudno Junction is my coffee Nivarna, if any of you are in the area make a point of putting in a coffee & cake stop there. I have an aeropress and bags of Providero’s finest blends or single origin for when their shut.


    Having never drunk more than 2 cups of coffee in 40 odd years, I’d suggest you can live without that shit/rank/foul tasting liquid*

    * Unless it’s put into cake.. which is just bizarre.

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    I recently had to give up caffeine and alcohol for 4 weeks while I had some tests on my kidneys.
    I couldn’t feel any difference at all.

    Another major coffee quaffer here. I cut down markedly about 6 weeks ago. Two strong cups a day is my new allowance, with red bush and herbal after that.

    I feel less jittery and much less anxious, I have better tolerance to frustration, sleep better and feel less tired and more alert.

    I decided to cut down a lot after watching that Michael Mosley thing, which I found challenged nearly all my received wisdom about coffee.

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    You can live without it, if I have caffeinated coffee now it sends me batshit crazy

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    you can live without it but is it worth it, personally I never drink instant, I have a cup/ mug of filter coffee in the morning and if at work none till 5pm and then a cup.

    I like decent coffee, espresso and happy in moderation. BUT the amount of coffee tea and energy drinks I see quaffed is frankly unbelievable.

    Worst wired moment was in Turin on a there are how many places to get espresso in the city square oh lets try one in each……….wired/off my head/buzzing/wrecked. 😳


    Why quit when you can consume coffee in moderation. i.e. 2 cups per day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. No coffee after 7pm.

    Quitting coffee is a bit extreme unless there is a medical or health reasons for doing so.

    Tea is also not good if you start drinking it all day long.



    I don’t like coffee so don’t drink it, but by gum I used to get through a lot of tea in a day. After a very heavy, and much regretted, drinking session the Friday before Christmas, I couldn’t keep any fluids down for 24hrs and couldn’t face tea for closer to 60hrs. My headache was a killer but couldn’t keep painkillers down. Once I could drink tea again I decided to cut right back. One or two a day with a decaf after tea time.

    I have had a thyroid lump/function scare, (found out today the lump is benign and function fine too, phew) but had heard caffeine could have an effect hence continuing the enforced cutback. I think I’ll see how the cut back goes and see if it makes a difference to anything else.

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