Is it just me who hates riding on my own?

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  • Is it just me who hates riding on my own?
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    somafunk – Member

    I’m at the polar opposite end of the spectrum from yourself, I intensely dislike riding wi others.

    That’s the last time i drive all the way up to Scotland to ride with you again then. 😉

    I like riding with others and i also like riding on my own.
    Not keen on riding in massive groups though.


    choppersquad – Member
    I think this could be the reason I’ve not really considered road riding. I guess its a lot harder to chat to your mates when you’re trying to avoid potholes and irate drivers?

    I find road rides more sociable than mtbing tbh though I expect it depends on where you ride. Road riding is on quiet roads so you can ride two abreast and happily chat. mtbing round here is singletrack so tends to allow chatting only at the ends of sections.

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    I ride to clear my mind of day to day life and stress so the thought of riding with others does nothing for me.

    Premier Icon Nick

    I like riding with others but cannot abide riding in big groups, 6 is about the maximum. That said I like riding on my own, most of my rides are actually solo, going out in a bit to deliver a last Christmas card.


    Wouldn’t,t want to only ever do one or the other. Usually ride on my own but sometimes go out with my local club. The problem with my local club is that the fast guys are too fast for me and the slower groups are just a bit too slow for my liking so I just go out with the slower rides for the social thing. Even if I pushed my fitness up a level I think my descending and total lack of maintenance skills would show me up sooner or later with tHe faster rides.

    I have a mate from work who is almost exactly the same fitness level s me and it was always ace fun going out with him but he got knocked off his bike by a van and now his wife won,t let him go riding anymore 🙁


    I like both to be honest, although a lot of my riding is on my own due to losing touch with riding buddies due to moving and others have family commitments so can’t just drop everything at short notice to ride. Riding with one or two others is great but I’m not a fan of huge groups due to the faffage!

    I tend to ride road on my own and quite like it that way because I can settle into my own pace etc, and I quite enjoy the me time to zone out and forget about work etc (a bit like running in the winter).

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    Enjoy meeting other cyclists on a ride, but can’t stand company so if paths cross thats great but if they converge I don’t like that and I either stop of change my route. Really enjoy riding with the GF but wouldn’t ride with anyone else even though a lot of my friends ride.

    I think I’m missing a camaraderie gene.

    Some days I love solo missions and explorations. But it’s truly great to have riding pals to lark about with.

    Premier Icon somafunk

    Ha-Ha Stu….. 😀

    I wouldn’t want to be without either solo or group rides. Solo rides give me a more flexibility for exploring all those little tracks off to the side.

    Premier Icon benji

    Like my own company, and it’s one of the few times you get to escape and get some proper you time, to think and mull things over. Go where you like, how fast you lilke. Get more than enough company when I go racing. Training I want to hit the targets I have set, and if I feel like just bimbling with an OS map I can.

    Can do either, albeit CBA to go out on my own in the dark.

    However, it usually depends on where my general enthusiasm is at – if I’m well into my riding, I’ll go out on one group ride and 1 or 2 solo rides a week. If I’m just getting back into it, or not overly enthusiastic, it will be one group ride a week.


    I prefer riding alone

    Going at my own pace and where I want

    Getting away from everything

    Not hanging around for the faffers


    I love both riding in a group and solo. What I like about solo rides is having the time to “session” a section. Quite times on solo rides I’ve ridden something that I’ve previously chickened out of on group rides.


    It really boils down to my mood.
    I love sneaking a trip to Glentress in on a day off in an unplanned fashion with my bike still covered in the mud from a local trail ride.

    But, equally riding somewhere fresh, of familiar with a few pals is always fun.
    I like the fact that you push each other a bit, do stupid stuff, plus you have local knowledge from a few angles to piece together a route.
    All good.


    Prefer road riding on my own.
    Offroad is probably better with other people but I’m fine if not.

    Road riding for me, is about skinning it. That pain you feel on the climbs, that’s road riding. It’s a solitary thing.

    I hate riding mtb on my own, as I love pushing my mate ooooer and my mate pushing me! Road riding I prefer on my own as my mate who does that just absolutely kills me! Simples!

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    Nope, OP it’s not just you. I love riding with other people. Got a fairly exclusive group and they are all brilliant people to cycle with in different ways.


    Don’t mind both.

    After doing loads of group rides in Bristol, I’ve moved cities and don’t ride as much as I’m on my own.

    Joining new club!


    I’ve only ever ridden on my own and only ever will. I couldn’t think of anything worse than riding with other people.

    My riding time is my ‘me’ time.


    I love riding alone and most of my rides are by myself, especially on the road. I sometimes ride with a mate on a road ride just to check my speed alongside someone else! I do like dh rides with a group though. Cant beat a long xc ride in the middle on nowhere by yourself!

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