is fork juice any better than wet lube ?

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  • is fork juice any better than wet lube ?
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    reading a few recent posts. I follow the Tim Flooks reccomendation of putting some finish line green lube on the stanchions once I have washed bike, leaving for 5 mins and then pumping the fork and wiping off residue. My Fox and Rockshock forks seems to be fine with this ! is forkjuice that much better ??


    I use finish line green lube, it works 🙂


    wet lube is effective.. but crap sticks to it… forkjuice, being a silicone spray means nothing sticks to it and it keeps the rubber seals fresh. same principle but a better product specifically designed for the job

    also, a can will last you a long time… have been running it for months and it has kept my talas fork factory fresh.


    I use some 15wt fork oil on my revs. It's what they tell you to put in the fork lowers as lubrication so must be good for stantions as well. Keeps cleaner than wet lube as well.


    I bought a tin and find it no better that wet lube.If you want to try it you can buy pure silicone spray that is used on cutter bars for chainsaws for £3 which is just the same as the fork juice as far as i know.


    Halfords silicon spray here with the ocasional dribble of fork oil down past the dust seals by pinching them.
    Marz bombers X4 and Fox shock.
    However I do get the feeling that if I poured grit down the bombers they'd still be alright.


    saw this from the guy on sdh, i like the intro!!

    Hey Groovers!
    Allow me to introduce myself, I am Chaz Curry Joint MD of Juice Lubes. I thought I'd fess up straight away rather than try and act like a happy customer, you always end up looking stupid that way. A mate told me about this thread and said that a few ppl had some questions he thought I should answer. So here I am.
    Firstly I'd like to thank everyone who has supported us so far. I am genuinely staggered by how enthusiastic 99% of ppl have been from magazine guys to the local racers giving us feedback and loads of ideas of how to move forward. Just look how many ppl have commented on this thread so to all of you who took the time to say something (good or bad) cheers!

    OK so, Fork Juice in it's original format was a silicone spray that was used in the commercial double glazing industry. It is used for sliding large pieces of glass over each other during the construction of double glazed windows, it was also used as a polish etc etc.
    However it had to lubricate under load, whilst being harmless to rubber and urethane. These were the properties we were interested in, also the fact that it was produced in the U.K by a chemicals manufacturer we could work closely with, whilst also being assured of the quality of the product. Happy Days!
    So to answer the first question Yes it is a slightly tweaked silicone spray re-branded. However this spray has never been available to the general public before.

    Next Why use a silicone lubricant over a Teflon or PTFE lube (eg Dry Lube)? Plenty of ppl have used Teflon or PTFE based lubes for years so why bother using anything else?
    This one is allot easier to answer. Generally speaking if you have a product or component that is coated in Teflon or PTFE (some components in suss forks have a Teflon coating) and then add more, the result is, by and large, not good, and can cause premature wear or bubbling. Put it this way,please don't try dropping Teflon lube onto your mum's best non stick frying pan. This is why Finish Line do a separate stanchion lube.This has been written about before by ppl who know allot more than me you can google for various articles. Don't get me wrong these components are generally way inside the fork, however if you look at all the fork manufacturers own brand grease (Manitou Preparation M, Rock Shox Judy Butter, Pace grease) It is all silicone based.

    What makes Fork Juice different from 3in1 silicone spray or Stendec silicone spray?
    Firstly 3in1 has lots of other stuff in it including things to make it smell nice (sorry couldn't resist) that you may not want on your forks also in comparison it is a fairly weak solution coming in around 3% silicone. As far as we are aware our nearest competitor a "silicone super spray" from the U.S comes in around 6% silicone. Currently we have a silicone content of around 9%.

    Also price seems to have been an issue. If you buy from our website it is quite expensive, this is because we want you to buy it from your local bike store. We want ppl who don't have a local dealer to still be able to get hold of it but I have been a jobbing grease monkey for almost 20 years and I know how much shops like kustom bikes, Torico, Sidwell Cycles, Dartmoor Cycles, South Fork etc do for the local scene and riders in their area. In our stockist stores you should find Fork Juice priced between £6.99 and £7.49 which is our srp.

    Look it is entirely up to you guys what you use on your forks or any other part of your bike it is certainly not up to anyone else to make your mind up for you. There are lots of very worthy products out there, we of coarse, think ours is pretty darn good and certainly all the industry ppl we have given it to seem to think it's worth a punt. I haven't quoted anyone or got on anyone's back because that ain't what it's about is it? We are all just out there enjoying the simple pleasure that is riding a bike. Hope I have helped answer a few questions rather than further confused. Any other questions just ask I'll watch this thread for a while!

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    Fork Juice is good. Nice and clean as mentioned above and does seem to last more than just one ride. Surprisingly made the Pikes I sprayed it on yesterday feel better straight away.

    Premier Icon iainc

    think I'm gonna buy some -)


    Sold, I'll have a tin.

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    If £7.49 is the rrp, I'm glad I didn't buy it in Cycle Surgery for £7.99


    I'm not convinced by the don't use wet lube argument by the Juice Lubes chap given my Fox forks are fine after nearly two years of using wet lube method (they've been serviced and stanchions are fine thanks) and given a Mojo rep I bumped into a Brechfa said it was fine too…

    Premier Icon sillyoldman

    When we got it in for stock, we were told by Juice Lubes that the RRP was £8….


    I'll certainly be shopping around to make that all important 50p saving on something I'm using on my £650 forks…

    Premier Icon glenh

    Personally I use this:


    Bought mine in Cycle Surgery for £7.99.

    Good stuff, and certainly value for money considering you don't actually need to spray that much on, especially when my Talas forks are worth over £700!

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