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  • Is Endomondo crap? Is there anything better?
  • Premier Icon youngrob

    I rode Kirroughtree today and used Endomondo to track my ride. The trail guide says Red+Black is 31km, I get back to the car park and my iphone says that I’ve only done 28.8km

    Cheated! Is there anything better out there?

    loads but which works best for you and your handset is a gamble. I’m on android not Ip and found My Tracks better than endomondo, but my Desire S takes a few minutes to find me/the satellites so always misses the start of a ride, whereas my other half’s older Desire runs My Tracks almost instantaneously.

    Map my ride also popular.

    I use Endomondo but have used everytrail in the past, but not really had any problems with endomondo pro 🙂

    Premier Icon colournoise

    It’s usually the phone rather than the app.

    My old Hero was pretty accurate with everything except altitude. My Desire HD was all over the place with all the GPS apps I have until a recent update which seems to have made it much more accurate.

    Bought a 20 quid PAYG Pulse Mini from T-Mobile purely to use as a tracker and it’s been more accurate than either of the ‘proper’ phones mentioned above and I won’t much care if it gets trashed.

    App-wise I prefer SportyPal to Endomondo, although Endomondo has better ‘community’ tools and a slicker website if that’s important to you.

    slainte 😀 rob

    Premier Icon youngrob

    I’m just using the free version, but it just never seems accurate. I’m going to try Map my ride next time to see if it’s any better. Thanks


    Endomondo is pretty accurate. If you have it set up to automatically start and stop when you do that can get its knickers Ina twist. Leave it on and it’s spot on

    Not that I’d bother logging a ‘known quantity’ but isn’t that near enough? The FC information is probably slightly +++


    Premier Icon alfabus

    endomondo and the like aren’t very good for trail centre style tracks – their accuracy and sampling rate tend to mean that the smooth out a lot of the wiggles that you do on a trail centre, so your distance is a lot lower… 28 vs 31km sounds like it is doing that.

    You’re not going to get much better from any GPS software… if you want an accurate distance measure, you’ll need a good old fashioned cycle computer counting wheel revolutions.


    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    Endomondo is pretty accurate

    ahem – see the other endomondo thread 😉
    Maybe it is accurate. If it is then Everytrail is grossly inaccurate. Or maybe Everytrail is accurate, which means Endomondo is grossly inacurate. Or… well take yer pick – one might be accurate (enough).

    endomondo and the like aren’t very good for trail centre style tracks

    I’ll go with that. Rollers etc. and switchbacks will certainly be filtered away, at least partially.

    Premier Icon joat

    Does it really matter? I use it to log rides that I’ve done. And you can always edit it on the website if you feel you’ve been cheated.


    Get yourself a Garmin.

    Much better.


    I use runkeeper and have been very pleased with it

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