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  • My girlfriend wants me to install a catflap into our back door, which is a UPVC panel door. I have no idea whether the door panel is UPVC right the way through, or UPVC over board or something.

    Anyway, I was thinking angle grinder with diamond disc…?

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    Probably just insulation in there, I’d drill a pilot hole and then use a jigsaw.

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    I was thinking angle grinder with diamond disc…?

    The vet will do an injection for a lot less mess.

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    You can get upvc door specific catflaps with a longer tunnel


    I put a flap in our upvc door…as above I just drew round the template, drilled a pilot hole and then used a jigsaw.

    The core of mine was just polystyrene.

    We got one of those flaps with the microchip locks….sureflap, I think…

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    As stumpy said – our was double skin of,- can with expanded foam type,insulation between.

    Template/pilot hole, jigsaw.


    Sure flap here, metal faced door with polystyrene core, draw round template drill hole, used jigsaw.
    I needed to get the plastic spacer because the metal interfered with the magnets or some such.


    I bought a replacement panel for ours and put the catflap on that. As above, drilled a hole and used a jigsaw. Original panel is in the loft for replacement when we come into a couple of nice little rugs and the house stops smelling of fresh feline wee.


    yep, drill and jigsaw for us too.

    Remember that uPVC doors often have a sheet of foil down the middle which breaks those magnet catflaps. The microchip ones work fine though…

    What a helpful bunch of replies.

    Thank you everyone – jigsaw it is.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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