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  • Inspiration required, tell me about/ show me your Mega build.
  • dabble

    Good afternoon all,
    I purchased a Nukeproof Mega frame a couple of months ago and I am now looking at starting to build it up. Could someone post what components you’ve got and possibly a picture. I’ve got some brakes and some 1 1/8″ steerer 160mm forks and I am mainly wanting to know what kind of headset and bottom bracket people are running. I am wanting to start doing a bit of gravity enduro so need the componenets to be fair hardy to put up with the abuse I’ll be giving it. This will be my first build so I’ll probably get the LBS to put in the headset and BB so I don’t make a hash of it but I’d rather source the parts myself (i got some CRC vouchers for christmas 🙂 )


    Fantastic bikes,Both myself and wife have one. Both built with Lyriks Stans Flows on Pro2 Evos with xt785 brakes running double and bash. They make a great bike for gravity enduros.

    [/url] IMG_0487 by ldavison80, on Flickr[/img]

    [/url] IMG_0481 by ldavison80, on Flickr[/img]

    Shameless plug,both have just been listed in classifieds as sadly we just dont get the time to ride them due to young family and doing more road riding these days.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    This is my Mega while I was building it up, so hoses not shortened or owt..

    It’s changed a fair bit from that now I guess but anyway, off the top of my head, spec is similar to this.

    – Small frame
    -160mm Lyriks
    -fsa 750mm bars
    -XT brakes
    -Funn stem 50mm
    -bel-air I- beam saddle
    -Superstar Dh wheelset front and rear with dh tyres OR Superstar Am wheel set front and rear with am tyres
    – Saint cranks
    superstar nanotech flats
    -32t front ring – 12-36t rear
    -Blackspire chain device, now replaced with an MRP G2
    -slx mech

    My Mega on the Mega.
    Here it has a dhx4 coil shock fitted too.

    Good bike. Don’t ride it that much in the UK preferring my hardtail often..


    Cheers guys, very nice looking bikes there.


    Had mine about 8 months, v pleased with it. Run it with coil Lyriks, Hope internal headset and UN72bb with Middleburn cranks. Use double 24/36 chainrings and Hope bashring. Weighs about 32lb with heavy tyres. Great bike.

    Premier Icon mrblobby

    Here’s mine…

    Same as kayak’s, it doesn’t get ridden much in the UK as it’s just too much bike. Much prefer my hardtail. Was brilliant around Mozrine on both the DH tracks and the more XC trails.

    Had the air Lyriks on it, Flow rims with minions and high rollers, a KS dropper, and an SLX double crankset with a Stinger. A 50mm Thompson stem and some 800mm V-one bars.

    It’s currently stripped back to the frame awaiting next trip to somewhere with proper mountains. I’d be tempted to build it 1×10, maybe get a coil shock (though the monarch is ok), and possibly get some coil forks too.


    Up on the Blorenge today.
    Monarch Plush shock, Hope BB, Superstar integral headset, Pro2 Flow ex, 1×10, 11-36 x 32, E13 LG1 trail guide, Lyrik Coil, Hope X2 Race.


    Quality stuff folks, thanks for taking the time to share.

    Anymore for anymore?

    Premier Icon mrblobby

    Sorry OP, didn’t read your post thoroughly! Got Hope headset and bottom bracket.

    Ay6JjY-CMAArVIw.jpg_large by dickmcchicken, on Flickr

    Coil uturn Lyriks
    CCDB air
    Renthal bars cut down to 760
    40mm stem
    Superstars Switch evo hubs (Gold)
    KS i950 seat post
    Nukeproof headset (internal bottom cup)
    X9 shifter X7 short cage mech
    Saint brakes
    Now has Saint cranks
    1×9 12-32 34 front
    superstar plasma chain device
    2.5 Minions
    Nukeproof seat
    Superstars grips and pedals

    Gonna change the wheels for Flow Ex and go tubeless, still Switch Evo hubs tho- gotta try and get some weight off her. She’s bomb proof but a bit of a fat arse

    Premier Icon GavinB

    In exactly the right state for a Mega. Coil Lyriks, Flow/ProII, RF Atlas cranks and now a Van RC shock and Thinny flat pedals. Ace!


    Just building mine up at the mo, forks bought today and all decals removed tonight
    As there is too much branding on the thing
    So minimal custom graphics in Orange plus a few anodised orange bits and slx/ saint drivetrain
    XT brakes, lyriks , flows with fat alberts,reverb so will mostly be black with a hint of orange
    Pics when done

    Just sold my 2012, waiting for my 2013 am to turn up. So far will be specced with X0 carbon 2×10 X0 shifters, mechs etc, Mavic Crossmax sx wheelset, hope evo m4’s, renthals and 36 Kashima Floats. Will post pics when built up 😀


    I used the Nukeproof headset first but it didn’t last long so I’ll be buying Hope next. It has a Hope BB too which is out of my last bike.


    I am salivating a bit looking at these photos, especially the muddy one- Such potential!
    I think Hope is going to be the way to go for my headset and BB, I have previously heard the Nukeproof own headsets weren’t up to much. Do Hope do a sealed bearing headset?
    Thanks all.

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