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  • Howdy ?

    Did you fall off a rodeo horse? 😆

    I had a blunt trauma just above my navel in 2009. I still have a swelling. It was drained in hospital at the time but filled up again.


    Mine has been referred to as a seroma.



    So went to the doctors today to allow him to examine my second butt. His initial reaction was “Wow, I’ve never seen one that big before” (I know I’m opening this up for plenty of abuse).

    Essentially I landed squarely on my butt on the spine of a ramp, he reckons breaking the vein near my coccyx. As a result I have about a pint of fluid added onto my left butt cheek, it’s bloody uncomfortable (we are talking 10 days into it now) and he advised that if drained it would likely just re-fill. So the planned action is just wait and see if it goes down in 4-6 weeks.

    Anyone have any “internet professional” second opinions? Or approaches to helping a massive swelling subside?


    BMX at the dirt jump track.

    I struggle with conversation openings, Howdy gets used way too often as a result 🙂

    I remember the picture of yours, mind bleach never worked!

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    I had a large one last year after side swiping a tree – took about 6 weeks to go and the skin is still a slightly different colour.


    Ask Lemmy about Haematomas…

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    I suffered a thigh haematoma a couple of years ago and spent a week in hospital being monitored for compartment syndrome.

    I had ultrasound to determine the size of the blood pool (in excess of 300ml in my case!) and to check for compartment syndrome etc. (Greg Minaar had 500ml of blood in his thigh and surgery: )

    Recovery took months as I completely lost knee flexion.
    DO NOT massage it. A physio may be able to break up the clot with ultrasound (I used a floor-mounted mini exercise bike to get some knee flex and then put 100mm kiddie cranks onto my bike.)

    Good luck. They can be very sore (Lemmy has one at the moment – and I can see why they had to cancel the tour)


    A mates wife got trampelled by a horse which broke her wrist, smashed a few ribs and she had a huge haematoma on the back of her thigh bottom of her bum. She had it operated on and it has left quite a scar.

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    I’ve still got a medium sized one on my shin after an off at the Fod about a month ago. I had one (also shin) after a shin clash playing football that lasted over a year. I seem to get haematoma’s instead of bruising, don’t know why..


    had a pretty big one on the side of my lower back ever since I flew down the side of a quarry without my bike and took a massive hit on landing at the bottom around, that was around 4 or 5 years back, can it be sorted out? should I see a doctor?

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