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  • rocketman

    The Cat With No Name™ is now well and truly esconced at chez rocket and shows no sign of wanting to return to her original owners. She has a variety of chairs that she sleeps on for up to 18 hours a day and is still pretty timid but very affectionate, and has shown an interest in MTBs.

    In the long term, what should we do to look after her properly in terms of worming and vet visits etc?

    Here’s a pic:


    Put her on a petplan with the local vets and they’ll write to you as and when she’s due to have anything done (c.£10pm i think?).

    Also get her chipped if she’s not been done or change the address details on an existing chip if it has been.

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    Was her previous owner Harvey Dent?

    Top tip: if she’s an outdoor cat, Frontline spot-on flea treatment.


    She looks old … 6 – 8 years old?

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    I’d get her checked out by the Vet – innoculations, chipped etc.

    Then Vet visits as required. You can worm / de-flea at home, just buy the stuff at the Petshop.


    She will probably need booster injections if she’s an outdoor cat. You might want to try flea treatment: Frontline every month and Drontal worm tablets every 3 months (mash it up in food if she won’t take it). Vets do have spot-on treatments by prescription only for worms which might be easier. Bob Martin stuff not very good – some cats have problems with their flea collars,and they’re not that good, all round, really.

    2 litter trays at least, nice warm bed for her, scratching post, toys and try to give her a mixed diet ie 2 wet pouches and dry food left out all door with water. Also she might need to be spayed (sp?).

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    Scratching posts!!! That’s what expensive sofas, throws, carpets, curtains etc are for….


    advocate > frontline


    I (mis-)read the thread title as ‘Inserting a Cat…’ 😯 😕


    cats & pills

    Lots stuff like that around on the net, just be aware stuff like this is based on some if not all true life experience.


    Frontline/Advocate & worming tablets are both a necessity. Get it microchipped etc for safety if you’re taking ownership as Petlog will look after you. Insurance – wish I put £8pcm into savings instead givent he lack of illnesses to date. Remember insuaracne will go up as they go above 4years old anyway so may be worth considering savings instead.

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    She decided to move into the Flower household about 6 years ago. All the vet / vaccination advice is good, but Millie was also very timid and trips to the vets are kinda stressfull for all concerned, so I have minimised them as much as pos…
    Fleas & Worms – you can get drops for the back of the neck from licenced pet shops (ie Pets at Home) I use Drontal & Frontline.
    Spaying – Got to be done if you don’t want lots of little furry rockets, and you could get her microchipped at the same time.
    Vaccination – (am ready to get shot down here) as she’s a mature cat living in a rural location with very few other cats about, I don’t get vaccinations done 😳 If I had a cat from a kitten, or if I knew that it had been previously vaccinated then it would be worth doing, equally if there are lots of other cats about.
    Beds – I waited to see her favourite spots and put a throw / towel on it so that I could give them a quick wash.
    Scratching posts and litter trays – there are plenty of these in the woods outside.

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