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  • creamegg

    My 10 yr old crank bros mulittool does all that and more, and has a chain breaker. Didnt come with a fancy case though

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    saw those quite a while ago and thought it’d be good idea if only they’d thought to put a drive socket on the end of the handle

    looks like it was there all along 😳

    good idea IMO, though you “need” a chain tool, I’d say

    That does look neat and natty. Cheapest I can see them is £16 from Steeles in Newcastle… Good excuse to pop through for a look at shiny stuff.

    Premier Icon on and on

    Just use kmc chains and you won’t need a chain tool 🙂


    Is it a magic chain that lets you adjust chain length without a tool ?

    Premier Icon GHill

    I’ve had a ratchet rocket for about 5 years now, handy for assembling flat pack furniture too 😉

    The model I have has a chain tool. The ‘bits’ are the same size as those for electric screwdrivers, so spares/other sizes are easy to get.


    No chain tool, so I’m out.

    I’ve no problems with carrying my tiny chain tool too, along with a mini adjustable spanner, tyre levers, zip tiesetc. A separate chain tool is easier to use anyway, IME.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Its been on pretty much every bike ride I’ve been on for the last 12 years. It’s been used in 30c heat, -10c cold. It’s built probably a dozen bikes, & repaired & adjusted countless more. When I do the obligatory last min mental kit run-down it’s the first item I check for. Coupled with one of Hopes tiny hex to HT2 preload spline adapters, it could strip a bike to bits in no time. Bikes have come & gone but the Hummer remains. I lost the torx bit once & Topeak sent me another for free. Whenever there’s been a trailside faff about it always waded in & put matters right. My kids love it. It’s a thing of wonder. They’ll happily spend ages adjusting their own bikes. One even asked Santa for one.
    Useable Chain Tool tick.
    Tyre Levers tick.
    Spoke Key tick.
    I salute you Lord Hummer.


    I also have a hummer, several years of faithful service, and just the right mix of toolage.


    I bought a ratchet rocket just last week, really impressed with it, better than any of the multi tools I’ve used over the years.

    What made the decision easy was the amount of bolts that have torx heads these days, I really didn’t want to take another tool or set of keys with me to cover all eventualities across all my bikes.

    Does need a chain too though, didn’t fancy the big plastic case the one with the chain to came with.

    Premier Icon on and on

    I just picked
    One of these

    Probably the best mini tool I’ve found for size and usability. (it even has an 8mm for crank bolts)
    I paid £10 for one on “the bay” which is pretty damn good value for what you get.


    This is the best little tool I ever bought. I love it. I carry a separate mini cheain breaker.

    Premier Icon bigblackshed

    I use one at work. Fits in a pocket for odd little jobs. Stood up to some abuse too.

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