I’m persisting and fettling the full suss (more questions)

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  • I’m persisting and fettling the full suss (more questions)
  • mamadirt

    A little more air in the rear shock? I run my Tazer pretty soft (bottoming the shock on most rides) and very slack (130mm forks as opposed to the recommended 100mm). Tried it this week with an extra 10psi and it seems waay more lively on the climbs with no noticeable downsides on the D/Hs. Also have a pair of 100mm bolt-thru forks on order to spice it up even more.

    mamadirt . . . going OTB in a trail near you soon (I hope not 😉 )

    Premier Icon oldfart

    Right one little thing has made a lot of difference which surprised me.I had the Revelations wound out to 115 mm .This was when my back was a lot more painful.As the bike is designed for 100mm of travel i’ve wound them back.Though only 15mm this has seemed to have helped (a slight shift forward in position).Now i’m thinking of changing the tyres.Currently folding Cinders 2.1 .Looking at High Roller same size and folders like i’ve got on the Hummer.Or would Crossmarks be better?The other thing i was wondering was changing the Thomson layback post to an in line version.If that wasn’t too cramped would that shift balance forward more and help the ride.Any advice welcome .Sensible of course as always.

    Premier Icon ampthill

    I think stem length and saddle for aft position are alwaya worth a play

    You could also try higher tyre pressure than your hard tail. In theory with the extra comfort/traction from the suspension this should be OK

    When I demoed a FS I was didn’t realise how hard the tyres were until I felt them. I was getting increased comfort despite tyres way harder than I would ever have tried left to my own devices


    Could you post a sideways on pic or two of you riding the bike so we can see your position. A short youtube vid would be even better.



    oldfart, I have been suffering getting the cockpit setup on my hartail and last night I rotated the bars forward half an inch or so, all of a sudden it just felt right, and the numb hand I was getting all the time went away (old injury).

    If you have risers its a free thing to have a play with.

    I am not 100% convinced on the shorter stem is good rule of thumb that seems the norm these days, not sugesting going back to massive stems but, maybe its not always right.

    If you want harpack tyres that can cut it when its a bit softer, and your on a budget check out specialized fast traks, theyre kinda like a small block 8 but half the price, light, big volume and do supprisingly well out of their designed enviroment… (mud tyres they are not though) Dont bother with over a 2.0 they come up huge compared to other makes.

    edit… was it you talking about the setup between hartail and full suss the other day? Have you measured the difference between the two?

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Agree with the rolling the bars forward thing – getting on my mates bike with the bars ‘flat’ feels weird…

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