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  • I'm going to a rave next saturday
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    Give him a chance, he’s probably only just left the after party.

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    Steve Peat has let himself go a bit hasn’t he?

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    Or he’s in a fug under Shadwell Arches.. 😆

    Riding round Haldon forest the other week for the first we dropped down into a clearing by the black section and stopped to yarn to some other riders. It suddenly dawned on me that this was where one the last free parties I went to was.

    “Yeah and just over there’s where my mate buried his shorts after he shat himself” I said, the looks were not entirely approving, boring fuppers.


    I got too admit I rarely laugh,in-fact if ever but after reading this and watching the gif Mark Brewer posted I’ve got tears rolling and side stitches,absolute class,my Mrs has asked if everything was ok and the 7yr old is in shock,Exellent!!


    Ha it was brilliant. Total absence of “security” or none that I saw anywhere. Lots of people randomly “popping out to the car” and back in again.

    Surprise act was Dream Frequency…. Awesome. Had a blast. Will deffo go to another one. not one bit of trouble or hassle. Just happy friendly faces dancing to the music.

    $10 a bottle of beer though!?

    Only “bad” thing was I decided to have a kip in my car at 2pm when it ended, before driving home. Woke up at 630 and was the only car left in the car park and the showgrounds gates were all locked up. I couldn’t get out! Only had to wait until 7am when security arrived to open up the gates for the morning. Spent the last coupld of days with a sore back due to sleeping in the car.

    Still, turned out nice.

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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