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  • retro83

    Why did he not just give them his details if he was so innocent, and then he could have gone home rather than getting locked up..

    Oh hang on, he wouldn't have been in the paper then..

    Someone give him Max Clifford's number.

    Because he was under no obligation to (assuming that you'd agree that taking photographs in public does not constitute 'anti-social behaviour')?

    On a somewhat related note is it still illegal to photograph the police?


    I was out on Sat with my camera, taking street photography. I wandered into our local shopping extravaganza (known locally as Chapelfied). Only been there a few minutes when two cleaners housekeepers asked me if I had permission to be carrying such a "powerful" camera around with me.

    Politely said that I hadn't and walked off, two mins later two security guards came chasing after, demanding to know what I was doing. Told them I was out taking pictures (surprise, surprise) and was asked to leave. When I asked why they were so worried about me and my "powerful" camera (Canon 450 dslr and Sima 10/22 lense!) they said that they were worried that I might be "supplying pics to a terrorist organisation". They then said I would be ok if I was using a compact! I kid you not! So I put my Canon away and started snapping them with my TZ7.

    So I guess the lesson is if you are planning on bumping your earnings by doing a bit of spy work in your local shopping mall for which ever terrorist group floats your boat leave the DSLR at home!

    Thank you housekeepers and security guards I think we can all sleep easier in our beds


    Ps This all happenned outside Jessops!!!


    The bust card for your wallet

    Bust Card

    I was taking pics at the local Chinese New Year parade and it so easily could've been me being accused as anti-social behaviour. As it happens, I was asked if I was from the paper (twice) and my gear was complimented on by 4 others 😉


    I was at my other halfs graduation the other week, saw one of the photogs walking past – went to smile and say hello to get chatting, all he did was focus on my camera and lens and walk right past me lol.

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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