If you were 18 again would you be going to uni?

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  • If you were 18 again would you be going to uni?
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    Mate carried on with my idea and is now a millionaire with a Ferrari.

    What was your idea?

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    Foot flaps – what is s?

    I had had no chance before to meet any girls (boys only school) – so that was almost a novelty, except I hardly met any there either!


    University works for some people, or at least research does.


    “Professor Mark Lythgoe created and runs the largest medical imaging research facility in Europe – the Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging at University College London. That is quite an achievement for someone who spectacularly failed his A levels because he was dancing on the podiums of Manchester clubs or tuning the engine of his motorbike.

    Now the Centre does everything from testing new treatments for cancer, stroke and heart disease to probing the homing sense of pigeons. Mark Lythgoe’s team develops new techniques to image the living body and its biochemical activities in ever-minute detail, with radio, light and ultrasound waves.

    In The Life Scientific, Mark Lythgoe talks about the frontier research at his centre and the thrill he gets from it. As well as a scientist, he is also an intrepid mountain climber and believes there are parallels between the experiences of a mountaineer and those of an inventor of new views of the human brain and body.”

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    Yes – required for my intended career plus wider educational (the Scots do this v well IMO) and growing up experience/benefits. Not exactly “priceless” but worth the “investment” in the end. So I would do it again.


    I often think I would have been better off having done something work/learn based like accountancy. Boring

    Would i change things if i could? Yes. I would pick my course a lot better. Something more vocational and linked to careers… And probably waited a few years as at 18 I wasn’t ready.

    I do like having my degree. It feels like an achievement .

    In conclusion I would still do a degree.

Viewing 5 posts - 121 through 125 (of 125 total)

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