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  • If you had the dollar! What car and what bike??
  • wrightyson

    Alfa 8c compewotsit and orange alpine 160 running cane creek db coil.
    Maybe next year!

    VW T5 with a Santa Cruz Tallboy in the back.

    Bikes and bikes.

    BMW R1200S

    Davinci symbiosis tandem

    Cars are for losers.

    Datsun 120y. In yellow.

    Gemini Outrider.


    Audi RS4, or a nissan 370, or a nissan GT……. or an AMG

    I’m pretty happy with my lapierre froggy, but I’d like a cannondale flash carbon 1….

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    Hmmm – sod it all, I would just go out and get myself another Speed Triple… damn I miss my Speedy 🙁


    +1 Alpine 160 or Nomad.

    Ossa TR280i (My next trial bike:)

    Golf G60 Rallye.

    One of these to go on the back window shelf elf?


    Vw Touran and Ellsworth Epiphany.

    Hang on a minute….


    With a better build, obviously.


    SWB landy running on lpg and a p7


    although maybe in white with carbon bonnet and spoiler.




    Car Brabus ML

    Bike Spesh Enduro EVO

    And a summer road trip around europe 8)

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    I already have my dream bike

    but the car is an odd one, I would track down my dads old V6 Granada,

    I desperately want it to be back in my family 🙁

    don simon

    I know the server’s running a bit slow, but ‘kinnel Elfin, did you post that back in the 80s?
    Me, something a bit subtle, like.
    For bike carrying duties.

    And bike…


    Premier Icon Bregante

    Another vote for a fully pumped out T5 sportline and a Carbon Nomad for
    me please


    One of these:

    Towing one of these:

    With one of these in the back:

    Gaudy? Me? Never

    BMW M5 estate with my muddy bike in the back.

    Premier Icon on and on

    A Brabus G class

    And a Cannondale scalpel Ultimate


    Greedy feckers! 😆
    Love that bus tho, and why tj, why can’t you get in to the spirit just once? Some would possibly say tandems are for two losers?? 😉

    I don’t covet either bikes or cars to be honest, I’m happy with what I’ve got. Giant Anthem2, and we’ll be buying a new estate next week – Mondeo or something. Boring or what 🙂


    I lust after one of these, as a bike vehicle.

    As far as bikes go, I’m pretty sorted.

    What’s with all the faggy carbon road bikes?


    and a real nice 29er to do the Tour Divide on (cos if I had all this money I damn well wouldn’t be working!)

    Similar to Warton.
    Something like this;

    with one of these;


    I Maintain my comment above about the Road bikes

    *shakes head

    @DyffersYou need one of these (maybe with all the GTR stuff under the bonnet)

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    Merecedes E63 estate – harnesses to tie down the dogs I suspect would be useful too.

    Trek Fuel Ex9.9 (sad I know, but I like Fuel Ex’s)

    I’ve got my “dream road bike”. Ridley with SuperRecord 11

    Premier Icon DezB

    A nice practical family estate

    and a Yeti ARC Ti what I have just invented.


    Perfectly happy with what I’ve got – Disco 3 and a Turner 5 Spot. Anything more wouldn’t mean any more to me.

    I’ve got the bikes I want but a new and lightly pimped VW T5 would be nice.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Jeez, I suppose you guys wouldn’t go for a younger more attractive wife either!



    Premier Icon chakaping

    I’d buy a Mondeo estate, honestly.

    I feel like I’ve let the side down somehow though.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Jeez, I suppose you guys wouldn’t go for a younger more attractive wife either!

    That’s an entirely different question.

    I would spec Rihanna as an optional extra in my Mondeo, if she were available.

    vw t5 california and a new intense. but seeing that i’ve got a vw t5 camper and an intense already i can’t complain!

    I really despair at the folk that state they are happy with their lot.

    All well and good being happy in your current life/situation, but really – do you have no imagination, are you kidding yourselves, or could life simply not be any better.

    Before people spout off about material possessions not bringing happiness – true, but I’d wager those that are happy with their Mondeo et al, would also claim to have the perfect idyl. Really?

    Personally, if it were an exotic car….

    Vulgar, vulgar, vulgar? Yep

    Care? Nope

    Or if it had to be just one car for everyday use….

    Not sure what’s hot in the bike world at the moment, but I fancy one of these….

    Premier Icon DezB

    Please don’t take umbrage with STR’s comments. I’m sure it was all meant in jest. Please!


    Split screen camper maybe not this pimp though…

    Cannondale Flash carbon 29er

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Some people just aren’t that into cars.

    I’m sure I could think of other things that I could buy to make my life better though.

    Premier Icon speaker2animals

    I’d probably buy a number of different bikes (audax/light tourer RB, 29er, FS, plus others) wouldn’t have the time to be arsed worrying about a car, mid size estate for no more than £4K. Honda VFR800 VTEC motorbike.

    2 wheels good, 4 wheels useful but boring.

    Right, so money not an object, you’d buy a car that needs MOT’ing and will no doubt need repairs pretty soon, yet you don’t have time to be arsed worrying about cars?


    Actually as per DezB, I’m not being entirely serious, but it does stagger me sometimes on these types of threads.


    Actaully, I’ll have the RV and the GT3 RS for track days, but this would be my sunday car. Lambo Reventon, does it get any better????

    Audi Q7 V12 TDi


    BIKE? The list is too long… 😕

    Premier Icon porter_jamie

    T5 and tallboy

    Mister P

    A Mondeo and a Ribble in a money no object thread? Jesus some people have no aspirations.

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