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  • stumpy01

    We did one in Cambridge years ago that sounded awful but was actually really good fun and probably the best one I have done for team-building.

    It was a team treasure hunt, and you were given a bag of supplies to help you out.
    There were ~20 things you had to do in 3hrs and it was quite important how you divided the tasks up.
    There were cryptic questions where you had to work out what it meant and that lead you to a particular place where you either had to take a photo or write down a phrase from a carving (I think we had to take a rubbing from a plaque somewhere).
    We had to get photo’s of someone in the team giving 5 people piggybacks etc….

    It was through an organised event company and probably cost a fair bit, but it was good fun.


    badger baiting?


    💡 Crack N whores, could save cash and go for a group discount.

    Premier Icon captain_bastard

    Been on loads, the last one was fantastic, it was a days sailing. there was 24 for of us, so we split into two teams, each crewing a 42ft boat, one captain on each who basically explained the prinicples and what we had to do – sailed to cowes so we could get to grips, lunch on the boats, then we raced each other on the way back

    brilliant day – if your interested i could dig out the companies details

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    Go and speak to Age UK and have an afternoon tidying up some old peoples’ gardens.

    Otherwise go for a walk in the country.

    I’ve done the walk one – everybody thought it would be crap but at the end everybody loved it. You get to speak to loads of people you wouldn’t normally. My son did the garden one – thought it was great – especially as the houses are close to the office so everybody sees them all the time.

    Premier Icon hot_fiat

    Most memorable ones for me were:

    Quad biking (with big powerful quads) somewhere near the Belfry. We broke one of our team.
    Airkix – indoor parachuting at exscape MK

    Also look at Coasteering,


    How about cake making, or repainting a local community centre – you could tie it in with your CSR and then go on the juice after.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    How many people? What about Hinthunt nr Euston?


    Do something for charity – perhaps contact Business in the Community, or your local Council for Voluntary Service who could provide details of organisations who could use your help.

    Premier Icon Richie_B

    +1 for Philby & BigJohn

    We have got to have another team building day at work – oh joy!
    The last one was go-ape but I am after some more unusual ideas rather than go-karting, paintball (which is just an excuse for everyone to hit the bosses and I am one of the bosses) or laser quest etc etc.
    One of the other teams are going to the O2 walkway – is it worth it? Just not sure where the team building comes into walking over the O2.
    Any ideas for good team building events please?

    The company I work for was going to do trail building at Drum Hill. But the weather was crap so it was cancelled.

    Good info on Business Balls for team building – actually might help you motivate and build your team rather than a fun waste of corporate money –

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