I love yorkshire puddings me.

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  • I love yorkshire puddings me.
  • LardLover

    So, came in from work tonight to discover we were having a proper tea πŸ˜€

    Just had to take a pic of the wife’s yorkie-pud, the best ones she’s ever made. Bigger than the plate too.



    Spanking pudding, can I borrow your wife for her pudding qualities please???



    My sis consistently makes the best Yorkshire puds in Yorkshire. In an Aga. The eggs are from the chickens in her garden & her Yorky puds are almost as good as me Mums (who died some time ago but was from Durham)
    If you know what I mean.


    With onion gravy & served on its own – Nice!

    from a Yorkshire lad πŸ˜€

    Well sorry to piss on your party but what you have there is not a proper Yorkshire Pudding it’s a Yorkshire popover . A proper Yorkshire pudding should be poured into the roasting tray , preferably one handed down from your granny and never washed , around the almost cooked joint of meat , beef is best . It then cooks absorbing the meat juices and should be portioned up and eaten with just gravy before the main course .

    Blahdy blahdy blah, says who exactly?

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    i were born on ikla moor so i’ve all the qualifications to talk bollocks about yorkshire puds.

    best done in an unwashed ( never ever) bread tin sprinkled with salt before putting batter in .. secret is too much milk is not too much cut into two inch clices and serve with yer beef roast spuds mash carrot an sprouts. beef gravy. (no onions..NO onions) lashings of proper mustard made from the powder not squeezed from a tube.

    anyone disagrees and they can do the washing up

    Aw thanks that’s really sweet. πŸ˜†

    I like a giant yorkshire pudding with chilli in it. I’m cosmopolitan see.


    Mustard! just killed it for me and I can see Ilkla Moor from my window.

    I like the chilli variation too. Does that make me a cosmopolitan Yorkshireman? – sheesh what am I saying 😳

    This was next to the “iDieting away the last 5kg” thread πŸ˜†

    She’s a keeper, that pud’s a flippin beast!

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    for the authentic Northern dinner, leave enough space for afters: a pudding drizzled in golden syrup


    Is toad in the hole a step too far for Yorkshireites?

    Mrs TT is American and really doesn’t get the whole yorkshire pudding thing. I’m working on it.

    Toad in the hole is fine, I’m partial to a bit of sausage! πŸ˜‰


    Toad in the Hole – yeah πŸ˜€

    All this talk of food is making me hungry


    Can’t wait for Sunday 😯

    I like a giant yorkshire pudding with chilli in it. I’m cosmopolitan weird see.


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