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  • I got paid three times today!
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    invest in RBS shares

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    I left Northern Rock years ago and they carried on paying me for 3 months afterwards (I got a payrise aswell!!), I rang up to tell them on numerous occasions to see if they would like the money back. It bounced around a few offices and desks until it got to the Lawyer who sent me a CCJ. (w4nker)
    I offered the cash back and they said see you in court, in the end they said they would work out how much I owed them and they would take a cheque. Sent me a bill for £1100…mugs 😆


    Buy Premium Bonds !!


    i'll look after it for you…


    Two words.

    Aloe Vera products.

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    Spend the extra buying stuff from your old company, return it and ask for cash back.
    then sit back and enjoy.

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    gin, and whores.


    Invest the money you shouldnt have in a swiss high interest bank account. When and if you need to give it back in a few months, at least you would have made a bit of money on it.


    new bike or five?


    Today I was expecting my redundancy pay, something in the region of £7.5k. I logged into mobile banking (I was at Gatwick Airport at the time, on my way into London so that the boss could sign my redundancy mortgage insurance claim!) and at first thought I had only been paid about £2300. I was incensed ready to kick off. Then I noticed the extra nought. My balance was showing £23k!

    I have to say my first thought was to buy a ticket somewhere exotic.

    It seems that everyone in the company got paid three times today. Now of course I am legally obliged to give it back, but considering they just made me redundant, the mechanism is a little less clear and why would I make life easy for them?

    So here's the question. What can I do with it temporarily in order to make the most of it while I wait for the bank to ask for it back?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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