i can't do rants but…

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  • i can't do rants but…
  • mildred

    Over the last few months I’ve been unable to get out on the bike much, but I have been doing a lot of long dog walks.

    Some of my walking routes are also popular with MTBers & commuters alike. My dog is always without exception under control and being a biker I always stand aside for folk to get by with the dog sat to heal.

    Now without any exceptions not one cyclist has had the common decency to give any kind of an advance warning, slow down or said thank you as they’ve sped past, often on footpaths only.

    Whoever you are, for f**ks sake… How hard is it you ignorant ba***rds? Get some f***ing manners because next time I won’t be so obliging.

    Is it any wonder that cyclists are always getting criticised by the ramblers & dog walkers? Is it any wonder that many now refuse to accommodate us by moving over?

    Do us all a favour by letting people know you’re there well in advance, slow down as you pass and then if someone has bothered to move out the way show your gratitude by thanking them. It’s not that hard.

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