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    Just replaced skinny (2in) Mud X on front of Tallboy with a 2.35 Hutchinson Toro (tubeless)…just like to know anyone’s opinions re these tyres and what pressures you run em at…….gnarly, rocky, rooty ups and downs + lots of mud on our trails at the moment…all rideable though and great fun…I just wanted better stability and spread on the front ( mud x on back stays)


    My mates toros came up very narrow, supposed to be a good all rounder


    I got the 2.35 ones


    i know a bit late on this one by stw standards but! i run my 2.35’s on the front tubeless around 20psi, most is 25 have been down at 15 but a bit wallowy there, on the rear i generally run the 2.15’s at 25-30 psi on the Soul, Lovely and grippy and predictable,
    ive been using these tyres for 4+ years now and Love them, tried some nobby nics last year when given some in payment, but just couldnt get on with them, ran various pressures but compared for me they just didnt match up to the toro’s,
    BUt! tyres are Hugely Subjective,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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