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  • HTC explorer internal memory help please
  • xcgb

    Hi All
    I have A HTC explorer and its fine for my needs. Apart that is from the small internal memory that severely restricts what apps I can run. I have googled a fix, but i am not confident to follow the geeky procedures about rooting (!) the phone so the downloaded apps go onto the Sd card

    Anyone else fixed this?


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    It’s running Gingerbread according to google, so an app called AppMgr III (formerly App2SD) will give you the ability to move some apps to the SD without rooting.

    Premier Icon stever

    My Wildfire has the same problem – lots of apps want to go on the main memory and won’t shift to the SD card. App2SD couldn’t find anything. Tried the Free Up Memory wizard, restaring, clearing cache, etc? Not great is it!

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    Ive had the same issue with my explorer and just lived with it for the last year or two.

    Unfortunately Cougar there a re a lot of apps the App2SD cant shift (I have it installed) and the exporer has got naff all space on it (150Mb to cover apps and OS) once youve got Maps (12MB), Play & services (19Mb)and You Tube (4Mb) on there. You only have about 15Mb left and Ive found that at less than 12Mb gmail wigs out on me and wont refresh.

    So I treated myself to a Nexus 4 last week and am swimming in spare RAM 🙂

    So sorry, no, no fix I know of unless you root it and put a skinny ROM on it.

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    Same problem for me on HTC Desire. Moved everything I could to SD but the only propoer solution for me came in the form of an upgrade to a Galaxy S2.


    I had similar problems with an HTC desire. The hoops I ended up jumping through I’d only reccommend to those who find tinkering with electronics fun.

    App2SD was a far less painful solution, even if it has it’s limitations.

    If you do go down that route, it’s worth investing in a reasonably big Class 6 SD card. Performance was much better when I did than the Class 10 card I initially tried with (which is a lot faster for writing, so better in cameras etc. but much slower for random seeking & reading).

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    yeah, think youre right, the phone probably needs rooting to gain that extra memory, and if youre not happy doing that youre a bit stuck. i know i was a bit scared the first time i did it, but the instructions and ‘hoops you have to jump through’ are easier these days, it can be done more or less in one click.

    if you got the money, get a new phone, if not, head off over to androidforums and get it rooted 😀


    OK cheers chaps, maybe I will dive in and try not to break it!


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