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  • SteveBbrain

    58 year old here. Don’t have many aches and pains to speak of. Ride 100mm travel alum. HT. Used to be a fell runner but took up mtb as an easier option. Knees hardly grumble at all these days.
    As for all this diet/drinks malarky 😯 Tonight I shall be having a couple of beers then a curry with a nice bottle of white wine.

    Splash cold water on yer legs!!!!!! Good god, next thing you’ll be suggesting having an ice bath!!!


    Premier Icon BigJohn

    I agree with you that 58 year-olds don’t have to ache.

    But white wine with curry??? A shiraz at the very least.


    41 and just sold my full susser. Prefer the hardtails. All weirdly more comfy than the susser. Ti Pipedream modro singlespeed with carbon forks, scandal and 100mm forks and a Carbon 456 with 130’s . All really good bike and although my back is totally buggered, still dont feel it on the bike, although I find recovery and repair an issue, on day 9 after a fall after the freewheel went bang and threw me into the ground and onto my knee………..missing the bike currently, so spending money on them instead

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    White wine with curry? That’s almost like Kryten’s head exploding when Lister asks for Ketchup with Lobster!

    Chilled at least, but proper chilled Indian lager is the true compliment to a curry (and Cobra isn’t Indian lager, it’s British 😉 ).

    Anyway…, getting closer to the dreaded age but no aches generally on a full sus. Assuming I don’t crash. Hard tail for me though is something I’d reserve for tame trails, not many if any roots or rocks kind of places. Light simple for flat fast XC, pottering along tow paths and bridleways and the like. Full sus for the proper stuff.


    50 next month,hard tail only for me. Used to have a FS bike,sold it,cos it felt a bit daft having two bikes.Initially thought I’d sold the wrong bike. A few months down the line and I love it.


    Big John, Shiraz with a lamb/beef curry maybe – but with a nice fruity chicken curry the Macon Villages was just the ticket 😛

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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