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  • How's your Sunday going?
  • Premier Icon Nick

    Nice ride out this morning, coffee with a mate, ride back home with him on his new bike.

    Sorted out 2 brace of pheasants and 8 pigeons and a bit of tidying up in the garden.

    The pigeons are shortly going to be in a “Quick casserole of pigeon” ala Gordon Ramsey.

    Listening to Jarvis Cocker’s Sunday service on Radio 6

    Bottle of wine on the go.

    Perfect really.


    Get up at 8 (urgh). Get back to mine, breakfast, clothes, out on the bike. 60 miles or so of lovely riding with great people (great weather too), plus cafe stop with cake (home made chocolate brownie) and hot chocolate. Back, shower, procrastinated for a few hours (listening to fountains of wayne and this town needs guns), now just off to gfs, before probably coming back to mine for dinner, then badminton match later, then bed.

    Could be worse.


    Short ride this morning. Chores done. Now cooking dinner with a beer on the go. Glass of red wine or two later.

    Pretty mellow day really.


    Lazy day.

    Watched the “recommended” (on here) film from BBC2 last night, about a midget and a train station – was dire.

    Then watched 24 hr party people which was much better.

    Now watching Chelsea v Liverpool on hooky internet feed while supping ale.


    Been nursing my freshly broken wrist. Not much fun really 🙁

    No more rides for me until 2012. What a bummer.


    Woke up with hangover due to copious wine last night. Hilarious round of golf in pea soup fog. Home. Successful run round the shops in Windsor. Watching planet earth with David Attenborough, whilst browsing STW and looking on auto trader for an audi TT for the wife.

    Nay bad really.

    Premier Icon DickBarton

    Mince…and no end in sight…


    Had some wicked riding plans for today based on yesterday’s favorable weather prediction on met office. Unfortunately the weather turned out to be shite here in the southwest and I did phuck all.


    No more rides for me until 2012. What a bummer.

    Not so bad, I broke mine in early June. I’d rather have all of winter off then summer..

    But yeah, does suck. Hope it heals up ok.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Another day with no riding. 😥

    All right – was out riding Bristol trails with Rich and Martin and got home at 2ish (and was very happy with my riding too), then a nice walk for an hour and half with the GF. Some Malware has infected my PC which I am sorting out (emailed from pals from this very forum). Chicken and chips for dinner in an hour. But then…

    That ghastly XFactor comes on 🙁 At least Downton has finished so I’m saved that.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    worked all morning, had a 2.5 hour ride in beautiful autumn sunshine, back at work now.

    could have been worse


    hungover, lay in with gf coffee and toast, finally got up and forced my arse out to go for a run which wasn’t great TBH. meanwhile gf bought all the sunday papers so we’re now drinking more coffee slouching on the sofa reading and listening to snowpatrol.

    pretty cool overall, i’d give it 7/10 😀


    Great – messing around with the setup on the road bike on a ride this morning (got rid of some spacers 🙂 ) but still reckon I need a shorter stem…

    Watched some cricket, rugby and football this afternoon with my brother, he took great delight in showing me the highlights from Brighton losing badly to Southampton the other night. One word that describes Brighton’s performance? Petulant.


    Fantastic 🙂 Up early – walk along the beach for a couple of hours with the dog. Out biking all day over the mountains with a couple of friends – still buzzing from a fab ride (or maybe the caffine in the huge cappachino I had in the cafe afterwards!)

    Now showered and curled up on the sofa in my fluffy dressing gown with that great post exercise muscle glow, contemplating eating a HUGE dinner and chilling with a nice glass of wine … perfect!


    Managed to get out for a bit of a ride. Turned into a really lovely one, too.

    Also – now know where there is a holly bush with LOTS of berries on – will be going beck there in a week or two 😉

    Got enough curry on the go to feed the whole of Norfolk. Now starting to hope I have enough tupperware to cope…

    Bath next, then eat. Music at the moment is a mix of a couple of new finds – Biederbeck and Ellen & the Escapades…


    Premier Icon mogrim

    Bruised ribs from last weekend, so no riding. Still, been playing with Eclipse and JBoss all day, shepherd’s pie turned out fine, and the red wine then G&Ts have numbed the pain. Could be worse.


    Went scouting around Luxembourg for riding. Found an awesome set of road climbs and descents; should be properly hard work getting up but unbelievable going down (switchbacks are banked!).


    Nice ride early doors, met up with an old mate at Ogmore to borrow some lights and watch his daughter surfing. Had a good natter now back home and chilling out so all in all a very nice day.

    been out on long technical ride today in all that mist.. and over some moorland where soddin motorbikes had churned up the moor so it was thick slodge riding…grrrrr..
    had to get out tho to take my mind of yesterdays event of having to put my eldest dog to sleep.. 😥 R.i.P (Sammy)…xxx


    Ride at Lee Quarry today, first time on the bike in ages. Nice meal with a mate, good to have a catch up. wife now making dinner why I feed the boy..

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Bloody marvellous – up stupid early for a sunday to drive up to Castleton to have my first proper road ride in two months with an old school friend who was 17 stone and slow the last time I saw him.

    He’s now 13 stone and pulled my legs off! Paging iDave….. 😳

    Came home in time to watch junior put through his paces at swimming club, just had a lovely big tea and now browsing here keeping one eye on Little Miss MCTD making a lovely heart shaped cushion which I think is going to a present for me when it is finished.

    Nice mix of me time and family time – perfect Sunday!


    Hungover so been pretty relaxed but that’s kind of crossed over into boredom now.

    Did manage a walk to Cyclesurgery to buy a new pump though and I’m off work tomorrow so will be out riding in Hayfield and Mellor so it’s not all bad.

    Premier Icon thegreatape

    Fairly productive day at work, for a change. Now home with a beer supervising feeding time from my armchair while Mrs A has some steaks in the pan by the smell of it. Very content.

    Massive lay in.
    Followed by some lunch and riding at herts, getting happier with jumping gaps now


    Had flat roof fixed last week, so been sawing rotten wood and burning in wood burning stove. All day. Most satisfying. Mind you, it’s about 7000 degrees C in here now 😀

    Out on bike at 9.30, back at 4.30. Stanmer, Ditchling Beacon, Ditchling tank tracks (natural bowled out jumps and other fun). Was laughed at for landing in a rut after a fairly smooth jump the other 2 were struggling witth. Ended up landing on a nettle with my bars conking me in the shin 😡 Nailed it afterwards 😈 Also had some fun on windy chalk switchbacks on the steep which felt a bit close to the bone at times; perfect.

    Knackered, thirsty despite the huge amount of water I’ve consumed and have achy shoulders. I now have to write an essay on Leith Hill, Mrs Shake’s rustling up din dins.

    A bloody nice day 😀

    Did 24 miles at Hamsterley yesterday so I wasn’t TOO arsed when I couldn’t see across the street for fog this morning.
    Spent the day pottering around & tidying the photo’s on the computer.


    Fabulous day, sunny bit of a light easterly breeze, rode first thing then went sailing, last race of the season blue sky’s clear blue water, could have been the med, great day.

    Premier Icon mogrim

    elaine-anne, poor dog!

    Premier Icon imnotverygood

    OK until Johnson scored 😥

    Premier Icon metalheart

    Managed a reasonable nights sleep for a change.

    Dragged out my guitar for a bash, first time plugged in for a while.

    Strummed the bonce in preparation of trip down south later in the week, just so I don’t have FBI fresh out of a log cabin in Montana look…

    And after a lot of pfaffing around I actually went out on a mountain bike for a couple of hours (would have been better if I had left earlier a shad to cut it short as it’s pretty much dark here about 4.

    Sat listening to the latest Gillian Welch in preparation for Wednesday night putting off the ironing for a bit longer.

    It’s all go with me ya know…

    OK until Johnson scored


    So, not as good as mine then? 😉

    Still can’t ride offroad so have done some long walks in the woods with my dog. We are now chilling on the bed listening to Pink Floyd. Today has been very painful so full of Tramadol now (not a bad thing). A good day considering.

    Elaine Anne, my sympathies, I have been there. Have a big old hug xxx

    CG, sorry you’re still off the bike. Have a(nother) big old hug xxx

    First Sunday off work for weeks, and first proper mtb ride in months for me. Great day out, despite the fog and an hour and half hanging around for a friend (who went to the wrong place, then got lost, then gave up and went home).
    Lamb shank for dinner, soon to be followed by an hour’s soak in a hot bath. 😀

    Premier Icon weeksy

    OK until Johnson scored

    Just when mine got better.

    Up at 5.30… the joy of kids. LONG day…. He’s sleeping now 🙂

    Premier Icon althepal

    Up with my son, then out early doors to get to GT for ten to meet the Cowal crew, a very chilled out ride with nice folk and a chance to see how the place had changed and to say goodbye to the Hub.. Sniff.
    Got home to be told we had tickets for the Christmas lights switch on so back out for that. Home now, son put to bed, waiting for dinner, gubbed.


    great day – took iChild to his rugby, lazy lunch, siesta, worked a bit, fettled helmet mount for new aldi torch, worked a bit more, lamb shank dinner, and bottle of red on the go now.


    Good. Lie in until 9.30. Mass, then took the family to a Harry Potter themed Sunday carvery. (my daughter took the entrance exam for the local grammmar school yesterday so this was her reward).

    Then drove to a car dealership to look at a car I’m thinking of buying, watched Thor with the kids, did some work and now relaxing before bed.

    Sunday was ace. All about the Monday morning now, though!

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