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  • How to stop Goggles steaming up?
  • Sometimes, after a climb when i slip the goggles on i barely take a pedal stroke and the lenses seem to steam/fog up to the point where riding is made impossible. I usually put the ff lid on my pack with the goggles when climbing and put them on for the decsents, Any tips to avoid this as it is ruining the flow of my rides, and i do prefer to ride with them, but sometimes i am forced to remove them 🙁 any contribution is appreciated.


    Sadly my answer to this exact same problem is not to wear them, at least not for the vast majority of riding I do.

    If it’s an uplift day with a full face helmet then sure, but you don’t have the problem because you’ve not pedaled up the hill.

    If I’m riding to the top, full face or not, I don’t use goggles. The most I would use are glasses with a FF helmet in that situation as nothing else seems to work.


    A couple of drops of Fairy Liquid polished into the lens should sort it most times


    Remove the foam from the vents. Has helped, still not perfect, but better..

    Get some double glazed ski goggles.

    Or rub vasline into them. Nah just kiddin’. don’t rub vaseline into the lens.


    Isn’t there a wax for sports eyewear to stop misting? Sure it was in the mag years ago

    Polish fairy liquid into the lens, rain ex (car window treatment) do a anti fog liquid to polish on windows it will work on your goggles a treat. Muc off also do a similar product.

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    Fairy liquid ( and it has to be fairy ) and remove the foam is the way forwards, another option is to drill holes round the outside of the lens up against the frame,bit extreme but works, however I wouldn’t recommend it for the dry, the extra air flow when riding helps in the wet.

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    I pulled off the foam covering off the air vents on my O frames, improved air flow & less fogging.

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    Fairy is not up to the job when it’s cold and damp, nor is either bob heath or nixwax. They help a bit but they don’t prevent it. Tempted to pick up a set of ski/boarding goggles personally.

    i bought a mini spray bottle from superdrug for 50p
    put a few drops of fairy liquid in it and fill up with water.
    spray on my glasses before ride and dab off with tissue or leave to dry.
    works wonders then rub clean.

    its the best way to keep glasses/goggles clear of steam.
    works better than any muc off goggle cleaner..
    i call it WIN JUICE


    Northwind, you just need a double glazed lens for your oakleys, be warned though, they scratch way more easily and at the price, you might end up getting them wet from the inside


    Rain x anti fog


    double lenses won’t help in your case as the inner lens will be just as cold as an outer lens would be when you put them back on if they’ve been removed and allowed to cool for some time.

    You still get a bit of mist if conditions are really bad but i always got on well with a Smith “no fog cloth” if you can find them (Ellis Brigham?)



    It’s the only stuf that works and doesn’t smear, get the bottle as the wipes dry out too quick to reuse them.

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