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  • How to get CRC/Wiggle dicount codes
  • Premier Icon bentandbroken
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    Been a long term account holder at Wiggle, but don’t buy much

    Only just registered with CRC (Wiggle don’t have the cassette I need)

    Anyone care to give me the heads up on codes. Do they just send them out now and again? Do you get them if you have not bought anything for a while? Do you get them if you buy something over a certain limit to tempt you back?

    Reason for asking is I need about £90-£100 of stuff and could split it into two baskets if it might trigger a dicount code. NB – This is a big purchase for me

    Premier Icon timidwheeler
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    At the moment crc are sending out £5 off £50 codes when you make a purchase.
    (This was correct 2 weeks ago and I spent £55 and I don’t know if there is a minimum order value). I used my code and didn’t get another one.

    Premier Icon hboycey
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    I had an email from Wiggle the other day giving me £5 off £60 because i hadn’t bought anything from them in a while.

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