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  • How to combine red and blue at Ae
  • simonralli2
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    Hi folks

    A very happy 2013 to you all. I’ve not been here a while but am back in Dumfries and was planning to check out the new blue at Ae tomorrow. Any ideas on if it can be combined with the red. The Seven Stanes site is down right now so I can’t find any maps of the new route.



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    The new bit blue is good but very short -3-4mins. Easiest way to find it is to go up Rabs at start and turn right at top on fire road. Follow this for half mile til you see blue marker post. Descend to Picnic area.
    We would do Rabs, traverse to Gubhill and granny green love ( red route). Turn right on fire road and then come back in again via 5 crossroads to finish a 10 mile loop witha descent of the blue- good as a night ride!
    Hope this helps.

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    Cheers for that

    I have now found my old Ae map and think I can see where you are. It only shows a single fireroad from the end of Granny Green Luv back to post 51 where the blue meets the red. I am pretty out of shape so I may just do the first part of the red and then on to the blue. The green also seems to take to up to the blue so I may look out for that to see if I can get another run on the blue bit on the way back, or heck, even throw in The Shredder which I’ve done a couple of times : )

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    What nc21 says

    Or cheat a bit by parking on the picnic area side of the river.
    Cycle along the forest road towards Craigshields till you see the new blue (Colin’s Folley)
    Hike up and then trundle down
    You will love it and want to do it again and again.
    If you want to take Maria you could park the car at the bottom of the blue, flask of tea/coffee and some cake = sorted 😉
    Would Maria like to try biking the blue/green along the riverside/picnic area? Can lend you a bike 😆

    No maps on the Stanes site nowadays only for sale. Might have one somewhere….

    Might have tomorrow am free….

    Busy day ahead, get me on mobile

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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