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  • How should I buy a car?
  • FunkyDunc

    Not my choice, but Mrs FD recently got a Toyota Aygo 5 door with Air Con etc + 1 years free insurance for £150.

    Very cheap motoring for 3 years!

    Premier Icon BigEaredBiker

    A straight loan from a bank would probably be your best bet. I have used a loan organised by a car dealer before but I re-payed it as quickly as possible and so dodged the higher rates of interest that they often incur.

    I’d also recommend looking around and perhaps finding a private sale of a car that has been well looked after. In my experience £8k at a dealer does not necessarily mean that you won’t be forking out for new brakes & disks or a new clutch within 12 months. IME if the car is sold with an aftermarket warranty you need to read carefully into what they will/won’t pay for.


    Dunc, do you know if that is a normal finance deal, or one of these limited mileage hire agreements?

    Cheers BigEars, might have to have a look at bank loans soon…


    just gone mad bought a new astra £2000 down and £200 per month for 5 years interest free 100000 mile warranty again hoping for 5 years cheap motoring.


    What kind of mileage are you going to be doing?

    I also fail to see how £2800/year on an Astra is cheap motoring.


    Sorry was PCP, £500 deposit.


    My current car (MGZS, not out of choice!) has been given it’s last rites and needs to shuffle off to the scrappy soon.

    We’re not flush with cash at the mo, but can probs stretch to a payment of up to £120 a month for a car…

    We’re looking at a Punto/Jazz sort of thing, but really not to fussy as long as it works!

    Bit confused about which deal will suit us best…PCP, straight loan etc.

    I would think up to £8k might be doable, so I’d like something nearly new, dealer approved 2nd hand with as low mileage as possible.

    Any help and advice gratefully accepted!

    Premier Icon simon_g

    You can lease a VW Up / Seat Mii / Skoda Citigo for less than £120 a month on a 3-year lease. Just hand back at the end. Maybe one service and a pair of tyres needed in that time, everything else is under warranty or very unlikely to need doing on a new car.

    They’re surprisingly roomy, more so than most older superminis IME.

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