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  • Premier Icon Kryton57

    So, forgetting the old addage B=N+1, and assuming you are riding the same trail(s) every week and enter the odd event….

    120mm FS
    100mm HT
    Road bike
    140mm Cotic-a-like
    160mm FS

    …. its seems thats the “core” bike stable to cover everything – now, how would you decide which ones to take / would be in your shed?

    You’d narrow the list down to what exactly?


    140mm HT
    120mm FS
    Fixed Winter/Commuter

    Premier Icon weeksy


    1 road bike, 1 29er FS.


    Premier Icon njee20

    WTF is a ‘Cotic-a-like’?!

    140mm cotic a like
    160mm full sus

    that should do it.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    which bikes are too many?

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    njee20 – Member
    WTF is a ‘Cotic-a-like’?!

    An “All Mountain” hardtail, ie, Stanton Slackline, Evil Soveriegn, etc as opposed to a 100m XC HT.

    Maybe I should have used a BFE as the example, but anyway you get the idea….


    1x 150mm fs
    1x 140mm ht
    1x 120mm ht
    1x 100mm dirt jump
    1x road bike

    Premier Icon chakaping

    I’d just refer to the official list.

    Don’t tell me you don’t have a copy.


    See i told the mrs it was

    LT hardtail
    Ti ss race bike
    Carbon geared race bike
    TT bike
    Fat bike

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    chakaping – er?


    Mmmmmm 12 bikes last count which includes
    A 1985 GT pro performer BMX. Anyone remember Eddie Fiola ( the flying banana)?

    Premier Icon pedalhead

    I reckon trail_rat has it just about nailed, although I’d add into the mix a random pointless but nostalgic retro bike, in my case a 1988 Fat Chance.

    Premier Icon pedalhead

    …oh, and a spare race bike (you know, just in case)….for me, that’s a 2nd lightweight SS 29er 😀 Umm, this is getting a bit silly really


    Depends how much room there is in your shed/garage

    Currently, including all the families bikes there are 10 bikes in the garage

    There’s room for plenty more

    There’s no room for cars

    I’ve gone down to two…

    Hardtail (chameleon)
    Road bike


    Dh bike
    Am bike
    Jump bike
    Roadi (1980s so free)
    Free bmx my mate flung out

    So 3 main bikes n 2 hanging sheds for pissing about on.

    Oh and a kids 16″ bike with 745mm bars on for pump tracks n showing up the local jump kids. 😉

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    I reckon I could get down to one bike – something like a Singular Peregrine:


    I could, you know. Any time. I just don’t want to give up my addiction right now…. 😉


    1x Orange Patriot LT (1999) with ’99 Boxxers
    1x Orange Five (2012)
    1x Marin Mount Vision (1989) which I will be splitting to sell shortly.


    a, 120mm ti hardtail
    b, 160mm Full suss
    c, Cheap race bike for commute + pub
    d, Hybrid for the GF
    e, 130mm full suss

    I dont have e anymore as I broke it apart to make a and b. strangely e would have been the bike of choice recently – time to get saving


    This year

    120mm travel FS 29er
    Road bike
    Pub Bike
    Commuter hack x2

    Last year

    AM FS
    29er HT
    Road bike
    Pub Bike

    Premier Icon Coyote

    1 x 130mm hardtail (Coyote Dual)
    1 x rigid SS (Kona Hahanna)

    Need to sell some stuff then I’ll be looking for a Dawg.

    Premier Icon fathomer

    Our garage consist of 3, my Soul n road bike and the Mrs bike. This is going to increase as she wants a road bike and I want a fs!

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    It takes me about 10 minutes to unpack the shed to get to the furthest bike (a borrowed Cannondale MTB Tandem that you missed off your list).
    In fact I used to have to get past the cargo bike until I dismantled it at the weekend – another bike you missed off.

    My list in order of need would be

    140mm FS
    Dependable Hardtail
    CX bike
    Pump-track bike
    Fat bike
    160mm+ FS
    MTB Tandem
    Adventure bike (Fargo or similar)
    Cargo bike (would be much higher up the list if the children hadn’t grown up).

    I don’t really see 29ers as another category – If I wanted 29ers, they’d all be 29ers. Mixing wheel sizes is just going to mess with my head/timing/manualling.


    1 29″ HT
    1 26 FS 140mm
    1 roadbike
    1 26″ HT (trailer bike/Croozer)
    1 wifebike 26″ HT

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    I ought to point out that, while one bike would serve my needs, there are currently in my garage:

    2 x road + 1 x road frame
    1 x cross
    1 x HT
    2 x rigid
    1 x shopper
    1 x child’s trike
    1 x child’s balance bike
    1 x bike trailer for child

    This is between 2 adults and a toddler. I definitely don’t need to go building myself a new bike in January, do I…?

    Premier Icon sok

    My other-half is moving in so I was prepping to make room for 6 more bikes in my garage. Then I discovered the stash in his loft and shed which totals 14. 14 I tell you! I wouldnt mind but only 3 of them are in a ride-able state.
    And there I was thinking my 5 was bordering on excessive.


    120mm FS (Santa cruz blur xc/Tallboy)
    150-160 FS (Orange alpine/ibis mojo HD)
    rigid 29er (genesis fortitude)
    road bike/commuter (Specialized Allez)

    There’s always room for one more though.

    Premier Icon alexpalacefan

    Sok, that’s splendid 🙂

    For me it’s got to:

    1 nice/”big” bike for Peak, trail centres et c.
    Rigid SS for razzing about locally.
    Cheapo road bike, just getting into it.
    Ratty old commuter/pub bike.

    Perversely the crappy old commuter is the bike I ride by-far the most often.



    Road race bike.
    Road training bike.
    Road ss/fixie/commuter.
    Cyclocross bike.
    TT bike (no hurry)

    140mm 29er hard tail
    Rigid ss 29er
    Semi fat 2speed bivvy/touring 29er (to finish)
    4x/jump ht
    Downhill bike (2013)
    160mm 650b Am (possibly).


    1 x hardtail – your choice of fork l;ength
    1x SS – we get winters here you know
    1x FS your choice of travel
    1x Road bike
    1 X hack bike

    Anything else would just be another bike very much like the bike i have
    I have no interest in 29 er, BMX, dirt ,fat or cross but if you do then fair enough to have one of these as well

    Its when you have two very similar bikes that I find it odd

    say a 100 mm hardtail and a 140 mm hardtail or a 4 ” travel FS and a Orange 5 – its just more of the same but ever so slightly different

    Each to their own though

    Premier Icon somafunk

    Just 4 bikes for me at the moment, i feel inadequate and underbiked after reading through the list above.

    Cove Hummer 140mm Hardtail
    Salsa Juan Solo 80mm Singlespeed Hardtail
    Charge Plug Fixed
    Lightweight Alloy Singlespeed Roadie/hack bike

    Obviously i need a FS but i’m waiting till Cy @ Cotic brings out his smaller travel Rocket next year and i’ll be having one right away.

    Premier Icon beej

    I’ve been hovering at seven for a while. Currently have:

    Short travel full-sus (Anthem)
    SS 120mm hardtail
    Good road bike
    Old road bike (lives on the turbo)
    Cross/winter road bike (Kaffenback)
    Retro look steel road bike
    Rubbish commuter

    I’ve got rid of a track bike (big crash/too far to travel put me off track riding) and a 100mm geared hardtail.

    I could get by with the Anthem (for all MTB needs), the good road bike, a winter road bike and the commuter.

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    I have 6.

    All HT/Rigid.

    No overlap at all 😳

    Premier Icon edd

    For me:

    120mm HT
    160mm FS

    Premier Icon roverpig

    I’ve currently got my stable down to 4:

    Summer Road Bike
    Winter Road Bike (mudguards + clearance)
    Full Suss MTB
    Folding bike (Brompton)

    Actually I currently have 2 MTBs (Trance and 2006 era Five) but one will go. Just need to work out which one.

    Premier Icon The Pinkster

    How many bike are too many?

    It’s a simple formula. If the correct number of bikes is –


    then too many bikes is –


    Premier Icon HansRey

    in my flat…
    170mm FS
    140mm steel HT
    100mm alu HT
    26” trials bikes

    in my grans attic…
    1 80s road bike with super record kit

    the dream team/wish list…
    Liteville 601
    Liteville 301
    Current trials bike
    Ritchey Swiss Cross
    Ibis Tranny


    100m XC bike
    Rigid SS
    140mm HT
    !40 mm FS
    Steel road that does commutes and long ride.

    plus one thats got to go.


    LT 29er (Yelli with 140mm)
    ST 29er (Swift with 100mm)
    Rigid SS 29er (Chumba HX2)
    Road bike (Rocky Mountain Oxygen)

    FS 29er (Tallboy LT or Covert- would sell the yelli)
    Winter road bike
    29er race bike

    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    My ideal stable would contain:

    1. fatbike
    2. 100mm HT
    3. road bike
    4. commuter

    My actual stable contains:

    2. & 4.


    I have 11 I think.

    2 roadies
    2 fs
    1 bmx
    And 6 hardtails

    Premier Icon Kona TC

    120mm FS
    100mm HT
    Road bike

    Works for me


    Roadie -tourer
    Roadie – SS

    SS 29er
    Chumba HX1 (the cotic-a-like)


    I reckon I need a winter roadie (i.e. soemthig a bit more racey than the tourer, but less bling than the roadie, or at least elss cared for, maybe I’ll just get a ncier roadie and retire this one)

    An XC bike (29er with gears and maybe suspension)
    A 29er AM bike (maybe, but that would be instead of the chumba)
    A 5″ travel FS, probably 29er, not sure whether this would replace the Pitch and overlap too much with the 29er AM bike though).

    I also need some with engines 😈

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