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  • How many bikes can you justify?
  • Simpsan

    Currently 4 and that seems to be the point that I now struggle to justify any further

    Prorace Scylla Road bike
    Vassago Jabberwocky Fully rigid Singlespeed (29er )
    Salsa El Mariachi HT 2 x 9 ( 29er )
    Santa Cruz Heckler FS

    I would love to be able to justify a Canyon Nerve AL 9.9 29er FS and a 9 Zero 7 fat bike ( or a Carbon Beargrease 😀 ) but that’s probably two bikes too far.
    All of them get decent mileage with the exception of the Heckler which is generally an extravagant ornament!


    I’ve got three rideable…

    Banshee Rune (do everything MTB)
    Cotic BFe (XS, used as a jump / muck about bike)
    Spesh Allez Sport (gets the most use if I’m honest and the least spent on it)

    And I’m currently building up a Cannondale single speed using a 1994 Beast of the East frame.

    I reckon I could ‘justify’ more (DH bike, lighter travel all day bike, another hardtail).

    Oh and then there’s her Chameleon and she’s said that she’d quite like a road bike.

    I dint really care that some people think its silly to have loads if bikes. It’s my money and I like them.


    I have got all I can justify. The road bike is a work in progress but I don’t need anything special.

    Specialised Enduro Evo, used for everything from trail centres to DH.
    Cotic BFe, barely use it at the moment because of my bad ankle.
    1985 Raleigh Flyte, want a new frameset.

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    Currently 4 bikes

    Marin Mount Vision 100mm travel
    Marin Wolf Ridge 140mm travel
    Boardman Sports Hybrid flat barred road bike
    Mango SS commuter

    Plus I’m picking up a carbon road bike on Saturday.

    That’s it though, no need for the Boardman now so MsD is going to use it as her road machine. I rarely ride the Mount Vision now to be honest but when i do I’m reminded how quick it is!

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    I’m allowed 3 bikes – road, mountain bike and commuter. When I tried a fourth bike all hell and threats of divorce were let loose. (Though I think the bikes were being used as an excuse for something else)

    Being brutally honest, it’s actually all I need – admittedly they all need some professional servicing, and a couple are getting a bit long in the tooth.

    What I want takes the whole N+1 thing to a whole other level, mind….

    I can have as many as I want 🙂

    I have a road bike, a kirk, a mega, a yeti asr 5, a ragley ti hardtail and a cube stereo.

    I enjoy buying bits and looking for them almost as much as I do riding them. I see nothing wrong with that.

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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