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  • How long's CRC taking to deliver at the moment?
  • Been waiting sine Wednesday, need it by next Wednesday, should I cancel it and head to evans?


    order last sunday, chased during the week on thursday, promised it would be chased along. Still hasnt shipped. Id head to Evans if you are in a hurry.

    Hmmmmm, what happened to the old “order by 3pm” CRC?


    Placed an order on Wednesday, arrived Friday.

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    Ordered Thurs 1 Dec (evening). Dispatched Fri by 1st class, arrived Tues 6 Dec. So not too bad. CRC seem to being doing their stuff but RM are a bit slow at the moment.


    Ordered last Sunday and was delivered on the Wednesday, so fair play to Crc and Rm

    Although one of the items has clearly had an attempt to be fitted on to the prevoius purchaser’s bike 😐 Still awaiting a response

    It took a week for my order to even be dispatched! Ordered last wednesday, sent out this wednesday adn still not here

    Grrrrr, chop chop CRC! Not even marked as dispatched yet.

    Failing that, anyone in Berkshire got a large 661 pressure suit? I wont ask to borrow the armoured shorts!


    Ordered some nice 29er wheels last Friday and they turned up on Tuesday. No problems and they were over 50% off so i’m still a fan of CRC.


    You need somebody to go in to their shop, buy it and post it over 😉


    Got a email midday yesterday saying it was posted, was on my door step this morning. Chuffed


    Ordered Mon 28th November, posted Tuesday 6th December. Still haven’t received it. Instock items so poor service.


    They have certainly lost their edge. No doubt when it does arrive my seatpost shim ordered Wednesday will come in an A4 cardboard box!

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    Monday just gone is apparently the busiest online shopping day of the year. While CRC may cope pretty well with the demand, RM don’t seem to.


    arrived within a day of dispatch 3 days from order to my door, same as usual for me.


    Last two were next day as usual, but my latest order (which was placed using the £50 off voucher) has been sat in processing for three days

    Tick followed tick, followed tock…………..


    I got a A4 box as well for a chainring!


    Funny, ordered three things in the last two weeks and got them all next day! How odd eh?

    Just phoned them (no que which was nice) and its the usual christmas rush reason/excuse, but they’ve escalated the order to a ‘problem’ which apparently usualy means its dispatched withing 24 hours.

    Fingers crossed it here by Wednesday!


    With CRC I’ve found it’s best to make multiple single-item orders. Yes it takes longer for you to order the bits and yes they will arrive in individual boxes but you will get them quicker.


    They’ve been crap with me the last order
    – ordered on 1st December – all items in stock
    – called on 7th because I’d not received anything – they told me that they had a big backlog and my order would probably be being processed on 7th or 8th
    – got an email on the 8th saying that one item wasn’t in stock so they were refunding me for it plus giving me a £5 off voucher (which in itself was reasonable service I thought)
    – I ordered an alternative to the out of stock item on the 8th
    – Received the original order today (12th) less the out of stock item obviously
    – Haven’t received the second order yet.

    Not great really. CRC used to be cheap and fast. Now they’re not particularly cheap but until recently were at least fast. If they’re not either fast or cheap, they’ll certainly be losing my business.

    Well it’s now showing dispatched, lets see how bad parcelfarce can be!


    Placed my order on the 2nd December and it was only dispatched this morning. Luckily it’s nothing I need that urgently.


    With CRC I’ve found it’s best to make multiple single-item orders.

    The forests will never forgive you.


    ordered a few bits over a week ago – royal mail delivered them yesterday (Sunday delivery!) its a busy time of year, I didnt expect them to be here fast. If you need something in a hurry then pay for express delivery or use the local shop, common sense IMO


    Ordered a stem and swimming goggles for my child on the 4’th (so 8 days now). Both items in stock, still has not shipped.


    Got my pedals in 2 days never had a problem here


    Placed an order on an in stock crank on sunday night – not despatched until the following saturday. 🙄

    Well the moral of the story is “it’s good to talk” (not quite as good as the irish & waiting conectiion from the last one, but this does have Bob in it!)



    I gave CRC a call yesterday regarding my order and they promised to have it delivered immediately, got a message that it was sent today.

    I’ll give them points for awnsering the phone pretty swiftly, though over a week to ship out an order of two items is pretty weak (they said they had problems last week which should be ok now).

    And now for somethign completley different………..

    Tom Petty and the Heartbreaks – The Waiting



    Aye, they are running very slow at the moment…

    I parcel dispatched but 1 week late and now 6 days in Royal Snail, next order placed Friday night paid extra for fast delivery in stock item not even dispatched yet…

    I feel its Chickens coming home to Roost… All local shops don’t stock item because of web price and yet can’t get on web because they are too busy to post…..


    It’s here 🙂

    CRC rocks my socks.

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    The order status isn’t always up to date, allegedly they are still processing an order which arrived a week ago (3 days after it was ordered)

    busy times for everyone really I guess


    Always find that CRC process orders really quickly. Ordered a Hope bleed nipple cover last Monday – despatched Tuesday, RM delivery attempted Saturday, collected it yesterday from the local sorting office (yep, you’ve guessed it – in a box so large it would barely fit in my backpack 😕 ). Still waiting for some stuff ordered from Superstar – despatched promptly on 7th . . . Royal Mail do seem to be a bit hit and miss at the moment.


    I got my stuff next day. 2 brakes.

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