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  • How long have you been an STW forum member?
  • mamadirt

    😆 @ Stoner – must try that sometime 😉


    😆 @ Stoner – must try that sometime 😉

    Oh and in answer to the OP – before STW went ***s up allowing double posts.


    Since I signed up.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Not as long as some, but longer than others.
    I feel my interest waning.

    – a few years ago,
    – not sure but probably for quite a while.

    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    Was an inactive member before the hack… probably since 2004. Now I go through weeks where I spend way too much time on here followed by weeks where I don’t even think of looking.

    Some behaviour drives me crazy, but mostly it’s a fun distraction.

    Premier Icon Baldysquirt

    since 2003ish, but I lurk more than I post these days.

    don simon

    Too long, since about 2005/6
    Trying to wean myself off as it’s been a bit boring lately, but it doesn’t seem to be working. 😀 😥


    2005 ish … i think …. cant really remember.

    no idea how long i’ll stay with it …. as long as i’m riding bikes i suppose.

    Premier Icon 2unfit2ride

    Too long, but before it was STW anyway. Been through the great crash, the log in with anyone’s user name, & the ability to post with no user name, having multiple user names etc.
    I no longer feel the need to get involved or argue for the hell of it, but I like to chip in if I have a genuine contrubution to make or I want to ask something silly that I wouldn’t want to ask anyone else.

    For more than ten years I have enjoyed the forum, long may it last.

    Premier Icon miketually

    I was here when all this was fields GoFar and Usenet.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Shaun was in the process of falling out with Chipps and Mark.

    No idea when that was.

    Premier Icon chipps

    About 2002 then 😉

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    That long, crikey.

    It did seem quite surreal at the time, as a noob, watching the sites owners having public ding-dongs on their own forum.

    We’ve got Twitter for that sort of thing now.


    I joined a few months ago but this is my first ever post!

    I joined up to get info on bikes and rides etc, but it’s really quite intimidating on here.

    Sod off hurtduck you wimp! What the hell is intimidating about posting on here?!?! 😀


    Joined a couple of months ago, you lot got recommended by my whippetmate.

    I came in search of enlightement and the refamation but found hippies in a muddy field talking about 29erSS’ and slack jawed 160mm travel iron.

    Laughed out loud many times since.

    Enjoy the Architecture threads.

    Enjoy the banter too (yeah, really)

    Will I last the distance?? Yup, you’re an intellegent bunch believe it or not.

    Since about 2004 in various guises.

    According to my profile I joined 6th July 2009 after being recommended by a friend.

    I find all the bickering quite amusing and don’t take it too seriously, but I never join in so it doesn’t really bother me.

    Similar to bikebouy, I’ve laughed a lot and have even shed a tear at some of the kindness and generosity of some people.

    No plans to leave any time soon as it helps relieve the boredom during the day and allows Mrs MM to watch crap on the TV at night.

    10 years back in 2002?

    One guy used to post pictures of his black cat lol

    It was pretty friendly forum too.

    Not sure how long, not as far back as Go-far, but prob not long after, had a different user name then (sslloowww) had to change it as getting fitter……


    A few months.

    As with any forum, it’s all drivel but a convenient distraction.

    Premier Icon nuke

    2005 for me

    Started on the On-One forum before venturing over to STW

    Premier Icon lowey

    Go-far… Dunno… maybe 2003 or so ?

    I know the place has ended up with me spunking loads of money of MTB stuff.

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